Ruby Rose Is Too Busy Being Batwoman To Care About Her Haters

She opened up about becoming Batwoman in a new profile in The New York Times.

The countdown to Batwoman continues! Lesbian actress Ruby Rose will play the lesbian superhero in a new series on The CW. Despite facing backlash, Rose says she’s ready to step into this role, which will make her the first LGBTQ superhero in a live-action series.

Rose made her debut as Batwoman in the Elseworlds superhero crossover event in December. When she was initially cast in the role, she faced such harsh criticism on social media that she deleted her Twitter. Critics claimed that Rose, a gender-fluid lesbian, isn’t “lesbian enough” to play Batwoman.

But Rose isn’t overly concerned about what strangers on the internet think about this groundbreaking role. She opened up about the topic in a new interview with The New York Times.

“I can’t please everybody and some people will love it, some people will like it, some people will have thought I wouldn’t be good and might be impressed,” she said. “Some people might be like, ’I still hate her!’ And that’s fine. That’s life. I’m not going to be on my deathbed one day like, ’I wish strangers on the internet that I never met liked me more.'”

Rose has no plans to revive her Twitter for the sake of promoting the series. She understands how important this project is for queer comic book nerds, and that’s what matters to her most.

“I’m going to be thinking, This is so awesome I got to play Batwoman for the first time, and no one else had played her,” Rose continued. “That’s my legacy and I’m going to own that.”

We can’t wait to catch the premiere of Batwoman on October 6. In the meantime, catch us rewatching the trailer over and over.




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