Rachel Einbund

Rachel Einbund by Aika Patel

Rachel Einbund has fought for LGBTQ+ immigration rights for over a decade. After the Marriage Equality Act was passed in 2011, she opened her own law practice centered around LGBTQ+ married couples and families. In addition to arguing for the repeal of DOMA with a case before the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, Einbund has secured green cards and visas for thousands of same-sex couples, including many from countries where LGBTQ+ individuals face persecution. “The most rewarding aspect of my work is when I get to witness someone’s entire life change in an instant,” she tells GO. “Hearing the joy in their voice, seeing the tears in their eyes, and feeling their overwhelming sense of relief and safety — it’s a game changer for them, and knowing that I was a small part of that, well, it gets me every time.” Although she works with clients from over 100 countries, Einbund happily spends her free time mentoring college and law students, volunteering at DACA and citizenship workshops, and working alongside nonprofit organizations to help secure medical and social services for her newly-arrived refugee clients. And being a lesbian never slowed Einbund down; if anything, it helped her connect more to her clients. “Being out and proud, and working directly with our community has been the honor of a lifetime,” Einbund says. “Very often, my LGBTQ+ clients prefer to work with someone who understands firsthand what they are going through, someone whom they can trust to use their preferred pronouns, and someone who truly has their best interests at heart. I always have strived to shine my light as bright as possible in order to be a beacon for those in need.” —IL

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