Lady Glamb

Lady Glamb by Amanda Guimaraes

Gayle Rabinowitz, who goes by the moniker “Lady Glamb,” was born again at the age of 60. While she had recognized her attraction to women since she was a child and came out at the age of 16, she returned to the closet and toward a life of celibacy when she was ordained as a Pentecostal minister. The decision was difficult, she tells GO, “but I lived in celibacy because I believed there was something wrong with me. I lived in fear all those years that I was going to hell because of what I was taught.” The message was devastating and caused her to turn away from who she was for a great deal of her life. However, as she learned more about how homosexuality had been politicized by the Church’s interpretation of Biblical scriptures, she realized that “God not only loved us but embraced us and that he loves all people.” So, at the age of 60, she chose to return openly to the LGBTQ+ community, able to reconcile her faith and her sexuality. Now, Lady Glamb, who is also a writer and a silver model, ministers not with the Church, but one-on-one with LGBTQ+ individuals and “others who have been broken by people who claimed to be God’s messengers but didn’t understand what God’s love was,” she says. “Even the LGBTQIA community needed to know that God loved them.” Although cancer treatments left Lady Glamb unable to have children of her own, she considers everyone in the LGBTQ+ community to be one of her children, and she is happy fulfilling her purpose in life: “leaving a legacy of faith, hope, and love.” —NT and RK

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