TV/Film: In Passing…

Olive Films

Kate Fitzgerald’s latest film, In Passing…, is a love-story between two women living in New York City. Lisa Rothe portrays a sexy Julia Garrison, who seduces actress Vanessa Kelly (Veronica Mittenzwei). The film follows their relationship from falling in love to breaking up.

In Passing… is Fitzgerald’s debut as a film director and it is also the first feature film she has written. While the dialog is slow at times, the storyline is relatable. Girl falls in love with a second girl, second girl gains interest in a third girl. It’s a circle into which many a lesbian has fallen.

The two main actresses do an excellent job at portraying the emotions of each character and together, their chemistry is dead-on. The steamy sex scenes make that loud and clear. The music and guest appearances also make the film an interesting find. Comedian Kate Clinton does a short but hilarious set. The soundtrack is full of great tunes—including some by Maria Gentile, The L Word’s BETTY and Righteous Babe recording artist Sara Lee.

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