HRC Delivers “End the Lies” Petition to Office of Kenneth Starr

46,000 signatures delivered to anti-prop 8 lawyer

The Human Rights Campaign delivered an online petition containing 46,000 signatures to Prop 8 lawyer Kenneth Starr’s law office in Washington, D.C. The petition requests the attorney uphold the 18,000 marriages performed in California before the passage of Proposition 8.

Signatures were primarily collected on the HRC’s new website website seeks to address and publicize the attacks that conservative groups, the Republican party and religious organizations have used to defeat attempts for the equality of the LGBT community.

Last year during a forum on religion and public life, Starr referred to the struggle for equal marriage rights as “seizing and hijacking the marriage relationship in order to achieve apartheid-type values.” He has yet to respond to the petition.

“Grassroots tools like will be critical to our community’s upcoming legislative battles,” stated HRC President Joe Solmonese. “This kind of response to the lies repeatedly used to block our equality demonstrates that many Americans have had enough.”

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