The Dish: Holly Miranda Covers Cris Williamson for Standing Rock, Ellen Stands Up for Trans People

Protect trans kids. #NODAPL

Well, Donald Trump has reversed Obama-instated protections for trans kids, proving yet again he’s #notmypresident. Lambda Legal released this statement today, which might give us a little bit of hope that there are still people fighting for our community, even as these tragic things happen day after day:

While the Trump/Pence administration wages its War on Children, Lambda Legal will redouble our efforts to protect transgender and other vulnerable kids. At Lambda Legal, we are already in court fighting for transgender students, and we are prepared to sue any school district that discriminates in the wake of the Trump administration’s actions today.

Yesterday while at a taping of “The Ellen Show,” Ellen DeGeneres gave an off-camera aside to the audience about how good the energy felt in the room. She encouraged us all to remember the love and positivity and feeling of doing good for others (I won’t spoil anything, but watch today’s episode and you’ll see what I mean), and to take it back to our communities and use its overwhelming strength to rule us, no matter what is happening in the world. (I believe she was especially speaking to all of those housewives that say they love her but still voted for Trump.) After the taping, when she found out what had transpired during the day, she tweeted this:



Ellen for President 2020. And donate to TransLifeLine.

You may have also heard about how fucked things are at Standing Rock right now. Out musician Holly Miranda has released a new track, a cover of a Cris Williamson song called “Midnight Oil” that is beautiful and haunting and benefits the NODAPL movement. Full disclosure: I sing on the chorus with a bunch of way cooler people like Ani DiFranco and Sasheer Zamata.

photo by Irene Young

A new study finds that male bosses are more likely to hire straight applicants. The good news is women hire other women, including lesbians.

San Francisco’s Pride Grand Marshal nominees are now available to be voted on and there are some fierce women to show support for: Jewelle Gomez, Alex U. InnAmy Sueyoshi, Dr. Marcy Adelman and Judy Appel.

A queer group on campus in India didn’t disband; it was just forced to become invisible.

Lesbians and bisexual women have more orgasms. (YEAH WE DO.)

Are you watching “The Good Fight” with its lesbian lead?

A lesbian couple who were crowdfunding to afford a sperm donor have ended the campaign after a friend offered to help them instead. This was only news because some people were outraged that they would even ask for help in this way. Privilege is so blinding.

Meanwhile, Mary Lambert launched a Kickstarter for her new EP, and she was overwhelmed with support.

What it’s like to be a lesbian in Iran, where homosexuality is illegal.

Fuck yes! Activists are putting up plaques to commemorate landmarks from queer history in London.

From exes to friends: The lasting bonds of many LGBTQ relationships.

This is a tragic story: Out lesbian Brittany Lashea Wiggins says she was being harassed by a group of men in a parking lot so she fired a warning shot from her firearm, which ended up hitting and killing a woman. She now faces first-degree murder charges.

An email has surfaced from Dr. Luke to Kesha that contained the following sentence: “I know you said you looked like a lesbo, but I disagree – you looked radiant and beautiful.” NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.

Nebraska lawmakers are hearing arguments for and against anti-discrimination workplace protections for LGBTs.

Several WNBA players take issue with statements Candice Wiggins made regarding her being bullied for her heterosexuality while playing professional basketball for the league.

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