2017’s Women at the Helm

17 out entrepreneurs serving as role models for women and LGBTQs with their inspiring success stories.

Founder & Makeup Artist, NOTO Botanics
Los Angeles, CA


Detroit-native and L.A. transplant Gloria Noto believes “where you put your mind is where you put your life.” The creator of all natural gender-fluid cosmetic line NOTO Botanics and publisher of the conceptual art magazine Work, Gloria said she finds inspiration in transformation.

“[I see using makeup] as an abstract form of art rather than trying to change a person out of a lack of self-acceptance,” Noto said.

Describing herself as having “constant curiosity towards life and people and how things work, or could work,” Noto said she can find inspiration in just about anything—it’s all about perspective.

“When you put your mind in a place of open possibility—be it walking down the street and looking at a tree and its branches, or within a conversation with a friend—there are always new ways of looking at things…even heartbreak or hard times,” Noto said. “And I would say that even more so now is a truly inspiring time for women to look at what we can do to come together to shift things into an equal and powerful playing field.”

Every product from NOTO Botanics comes from ethically-sourced companies with “pure, body-friendly” natural ingredients, but Noto takes the idea of “body-friendly” one step further.

“One of my number one objectives for NOTO was to have a product that allowed you to express your identity with self-care, have fun, be as extreme or minimal with it,” Noto said. “[I] was also mindful to our earth and to cultivate the conversation to show you can have both—and to also show the diversity of individuals who are taking a stand toward social and environmental causes.”

Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to remember your purpose.

“Never lose sight of why you’re doing it in the first place,” Noto said. “Many voices will chime in, and that is great to a degree, as long as you can sift through it and stick to your voice with your business. That voice is what will make it unique.

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