100 Women We Love: Class Of 2018

Each one of these women, in her own unique way, is a role model who exemplifies the best of the LGBTQ community.

Jane Greenwood

Photo by Victoria Janashvili

While forging her own stellar career as an award-winning architect and leader in preservation and adaptive re-use in urban environments, Jane Greenwood fought to make sure other underrepresented architects — particularly women and the LGBTQ community — could find visibility in her profession. In the 1990s, she co-founded the Organization of Lesbian and Gay Architects and Designers (OGLAD), the first national design advocacy and networking organization for the LGBTQ community. Jane’s efforts led to the first documentation of LGBTQ historic sites in New York City, which influenced the formation of the New York City LGBT Historic Sites Project. Though Greenwood says she never experienced discrimination in the workplace for being out, she witnessed it first-hand among colleagues. “I was raised to speak up and be heard, which became a great confidence-builder as I began my career in architecture, which at the time was a very male-centric profession,” Greenwood says. “Being out, proud, and confident gave me a boost as I honed my professional skills and set my sights on a leadership position in architecture.” While her work as a Principal with Kostow Greenwood Architects has won her accolades from BUILD Magazine, the Women Builders Council, and the New York Business Journal, it is her commitment to mentorship and advocacy that has been most rewarding for her. “Earlier in my career… I joined others to fight hard to break down barriers to employment, healthcare, and outright discrimination for the LGBT community. I am still proud of these accomplishments today.” —SEJ

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