Women We Love 2022: Mercury Stardust

Mercury Stardust

by Mercury Stardust

Mercury Stardust’s rise to fame on TikTok is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Known affectionately as the “Trans Handy Ma’am,” she uses her platform to educate her audience of nearly 2 million about home repairs and maintenance with compassion and empathy. Stardust’s resume is unique. She’s a Professional Home Maintenance Technician, burlesque performer, and award-winning activist. But she doesn’t see these skill sets as divergent. Instead, she says they complement each other: all help folks feel safe and secure. “With burlesque, people come to me as an instructor because they feel safe with me, I help them reclaim their bodies and their beauty. Same with DIY and maintenance,” Stardust tells GO. “I’m helping them reclaim themselves by developing skills to feel secure in their home.” Sharing her areas of expertise online has been life-changing for Stardust. When working with cisgender men in the past, she wasn’t able to fully embrace who she is. Her online platform allows her to live unapologetically, and her millions of followers are drawn to her authenticity. Stardust plans to create a foundation that would offer classes and workshops for fellow trans folks who have an interest in home maintenance and repairs, and who might not feel safe inviting strangers into their home. “I want to empower people so they don’t have to hide anymore. I want them to feel safe and seen by giving them tools and skills, and empowered to assist other queer people in need.” She credits her queerness and unique life experiences for why her creative solutions resonate with so many. “Diversity of the mind leads to new ways to problem-solve. To me, diversity creates a richer, more beautiful way of living.” –LC

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