Women We Love 2022: Kelley O’Hara

Kelley O’Hara


Kelley O’Hara is a superstar in the soccer world, but that’s not the only athletic prowess she can brag about. “I’m above average at handstands!” she tells GO. The former Georgia resident is a two-time FIFA World Cup champion and Olympic gold medalist. She is currently a defender for the Washington Spirit, leading the team to its first league championship by scoring the winning goal in extra time against Chicago last season. Even if you’re not a sports fan, chances are you’ve seen the iconic image of O’Hara kissing her girl- friend in the stands after her U.S. Women’s National Team World Cup victory in 2019. The photo, a beautiful representation of queer love, has melted hearts around the world. It’s also a testament to O’Hara’s strength and courage, both on and off the field. Though O’Hara has had incredible success in her career, she’s also had her fair share of setbacks. But she says the way a person responds to a setback can make all the difference. “Although setbacks and adversity might feel like failures in the moment, they are actually opportunities to succeed,” she says. When facing an obstacle, O’Hara rethinks her approach and uses it as an opportunity for learning and growth. This process “can lead you to a place you might not have made it to if you hadn’t experienced the setback in the first place.” –LC

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