Women We Love 2022: Jaliessa Sipress

Jaliessa Sipress

by Luka Mcghie

At the start of her career, astrologer Jaliessa Sipress spent time at astrology conferences “where my elders’ versions of history and the astrology of it seemed to be skewed in a particular direction, one that I didn’t feel reflected my point of view or experience,” she tells GO. Although difficult, the experience “propelled me and reminded me of the importance of my place.” Sipress began to question the heteronormative and restrictive constructs that had long been accepted as the status quo in the field of astrology. While more nuanced conversations about gender, sexuality and race were new in that spiritual community, this only gave her the fuel she needed to continue. “The lens through which I see the world is a queer one,” she says. This lens has helped her become a pioneer through her work as an astrologer, writer, artist, and spiritual leader. Sipress has developed and shared new ways to use astrology that reflect the broader spectrum of the human experience. And she has the support of the queer community behind her. “My work was supported, almost exclusively, by the queer community when I first started, and that’s still the case to this day,” she says. She attributes this not only to her own queer identity, but also to her unique, inclusive approach. Committed to making spiritual and self-care simple, Sipress enjoys serving and empowering her community through her work as an astrologer, writer, artist, and spiritual leader. The most rewarding aspect of her career, Sipress says, “is witnessing people get freer: to assist people in embodying their authenticity, release all of the societal and family expectations placed on them, and be a mirror for their highest potential in and purpose in this life.” –LC

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