Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Lunar New Year

新年快乐!This time of the year is all about cleaning house.

Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Lunar New Year
February 12, 2018

This New Moon in Aquarius finishes off this Aquarius season with the Lunar New Year! 新年快乐!This time of the year is all about cleaning house. Sweep out any traces of what you don’t need anything right out of your house and mental space. Clear the way for new changes to come to you in this Year of the Dog. The Earth Dog is all about loyalty and practicality. Things have already slowed down with Saturn in Capricorn. All the silence and slowness is here for you so that you are more focused on the few priorities you have energy for. Excavate all else.

This week, Mercury seeps into Pisces, joining Venus, and the Moon enjoys a brief stint in the water as well. Things in water, become clearer in ways they hadn’t been before. We’re able to see things coming that we weren’t before because our eyes were evolutionarily adapted to see in fluid. In the sign farthest away from its home sign, Mercury works extra hard. What is the thing we are seeing and what does it mean to look? How to things run together and how are parts of our lives connected with other parts? This week, think of your life as a whole.

Mars squares a Neptune that has been in Pisces for a while now. Neptune creates economic bubbles wherever it goes and, in Pisces, it does so through addiction. Whether its the pharmaceutical industry or the social media industry, Mars challenges the ways we’re dependent on addictive cycles. Change your pace and break a cycle this week.

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(These horoscopes are more accurate if you look at your rising sign, sun sign, and moon sign! If you don’t know your time of birth, sun and moon signs are fine.)

♈ Aries ♈

This week, take concrete action. You want successful friends. Well, stop wasting your time on people you think are “successful” and not really part of your life. Spend your time uplifting those you are already friends with so that those people can be more and more successful. It is a more authentic expression of who you are and make you more supported.

♉ Taurus ♉

Stop wasting your energy on things that don’t matter to you anymore, like public approval or immature teenage dreams that you’ve since outgrown. Create your goals for this moment of your life, around the things you are already doing and invested in. If the opinions of other people matter less and less to you, it means you are maturing.

♊ Gemini ♊

It’s time to get rid of opinions that don’t serve any purpose. This means that you’re rethinking what it means to be a queer person, a PoC, an ally, a disabled person, etc. You’re rethinking these things to make sure that the position you take has a clear purpose and helps people, including yourself.

♋ Cancer ♋

It’s time to do the constant work of questioning your sexuality again, to see if its fit for your present moment. Be conscious of what desires you have, why you have those desires, and exercise understanding and forgiveness for yourself in having those desires. What has worked for the past year may need some adjusting.

♌ Leo ♌

A relationship changes you. The way you feel that other people see you changes. Let go, Leo, of the people that make you cling so your relationships may be dependent again. Also, rethink any need you have to project a certain image to others. This may be something that has been holding you back. Stop caring about that image and just live.

♍ Virgo ♍

It might be time to change jobs or to make some changes in your job. Work is not working out, Virgo, and you of all people understand that there are economic factors beyond any one person’s capability to empathize at play. Think of how you can activate your community to change the ways we do labor and care in the future for the new year.

♎ Libra ♎

Just create, and think while you create. Change the way you have been thinking about creativity and art. Remember — creativity is first and foremost a reaction to oppression. How do the way you incorporate creativity in your life reflect that? Do the things you make oppress anyone else and promote reactions to your reaction?

♏ Scorpio ♏

Literally clean your house. Seriously, Scorpio. Do a deep clean of everything and pull a Mari Kondo. Throw away whatever makes you feel bored or unsatisfied when you see it. This includes your emotional space as well. You’ve been carrying around way too many possessions and it’s time to just let things go once and for all.

♐ Sagittarius ♐

Change the way you talk to other people. If talking more actually miscommunicates more, figure out how to make yourself understood. This means, of course, that you must understand others first. Don’t go into a conversation unless you have equal capacity to listen as well as speak. Let what can’t be communicated simply break down.

♑ Capricorn ♑

Sit down with your bank account and re-budget. If you’re not making enough money, rethink the way you use your time so you have what you need. Look for opportunities and raise your price for what you’re willing to do for money with your time. Ask for a raise. Ask clients for more because you have been doing more. Value yourself.

♒ Aquarius ♒

Clean out your closet and think about what you’d like to show the world as yourself. Restyle yourself on your own terms only and get rid of the clothes that are not really you anymore. This might be reconsidering your gender. Play with what you have and look at how the people you respect show themselves off to get some inspiration.

♓ Pisces 

Adjust your sleeping cycle and plan for the alone time you need. Think about how much your psychic energy warps throughout your daily life and how much you let other people pour their miseries into you, as well as how much you pour out. Understand how invisible forces shape so much of your life and exercise awareness on how you use their forces.

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