Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Scorpio Season Is Upon Us

You have the chance to really remake yourself into a more powerful version.

Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women | Monday, October 23

This week is officially the beginning of Scorpio season with a First Quarter moon on Friday. The Sun is also conjunct Jupiter this week, bringing our full awareness to the things under the surface. Scorpio is all about power, who wields it, and how it lives as both legacy and inheritance. It’s important to think about our ancestors during this astrological season—what kinds of money, trauma, and complexes have you inherited from them? This will tell you a lot about what type of power you are actually able to define for yourself. Remember that Scorpio is not about the things in your control—it’s about the things that are defined as having value for you.

The First Quarter moon is a square between Scorpio and Aquarius. Because these are fixed signs, don’t worry if you feel a little stuck. This moon is meant to help you figure out what keeps you fixed in life. Think about independence and that sticky Scorpio subject of inheritance this week. How is independence constructed against inheritance?


Both Venus and Mercury trines some of the furthest outer planets, which they do just twice a year. Mercury trines in water, meaning that associational inheritances affect our thinking cycles. Consider fantasy in your inheritance and how it plays out in what you fetishize. Venus touching Pluto in earth means that the ways we associate are based completely around our bodies. Taking time to acknowledge your roots also meaning getting more grounded. What does the ground mean to you and how do you stand?

(These horoscopes are more accurate if you look at your rising sign, sun sign, and moon sign! If you don’t know your time of birth, sun and moon signs are fine.)

♈️  Aries  ♈️

Last week, some traumas could have been unearthed for you. This week is about beginning the cycle of healing, which will take the next astrological season to come full circle. A lot of what you’ll be growing is how you nurture intimacy through both one to one relationships and group relationships. The psychological things that hold you back are beginning to be processed.

♉️  Taurus  ♉️

Grow a relationship. You have the opportunity to come more out of a shell that you have been in all summer. It’s time to focus more on how you view yourself from the outside in rather than the inside out. Being around people will help this process. Describe yourself to others again and again in different ways. Experiment with how you can appear.

♊️  Gemini  ♊️

Gemini, your principles and your workplace either come together or apart. This gives you the context you need to work on yourself and for yourself. Make sure that your workplace gives you power and that this power gives you a voice. You may be required to speak out on something this week in a way that is not welcomed. If it is welcomed, you might consider how you can go further.

♋️  Cancer  ♋️

This is a sexy time of the year for you, Cancer. Get your rocks off and fall in love. Remember, you don’t necessary have to have a partner to do this – masturbation is self love! If you have people you want to show the amorous side of yourself to, spend this week loving them. Regardless, this week is all about love and creating new possibilities for you.

♌️  Leo  ♌️

You might stay home this week. On Friday, invite some people into your home. This week is about finding out how to hold space, Leo, and the best place to start is your space. Engage actively and without distraction. You’re looking for what you need this week and a split attention won’t get you anywhere. If something comes up from your past, properly scrutinize the subject.

♍️  Virgo  ♍️

Mind and body give you both connection and agency. This may not be a very social week for you because you’re going into your own mind and body and trying to build power and independence there. Your hands are the site through which you learn something, whether that is a body, a craft, or a surface. Use them to explore and absorb. Think about what you touch daily and muscle memory.

♎️  Libra  ♎️

What does fun have to do with money? Or, rather, what does loving yourself have to do with valuing yourself? If you feel that fun and money are at odds while love and value must go together, it’s time to figure out ways to thrive financially. This week, focus on your money but consider how freedom factors into this plan. Hold yourself dear.

♏️  Scorpio  ♏️

Wooo Scorpio! This Sun/Jupiter conjunction only happens in your sign every 13 years. You have the chance to really remake yourself into a more powerful version. The last 13 years were a whole cycle of explorations that ended last year and begins again now. Finding connections in the world will help you explore yourself, since that has a lot to do with how you define yourself.

♐️  Sagittarius  ♐️

Speculate on something that is erased this week. Sagittarius, you are the explorer but this astrological season is about the connections that bind you which reside in your subconscious. You might have to have a conversation with yourself in which you owe up to your own power and desire for power in order to create freedom more authentically for the future.

♑️  Capricorn  ♑️

The best thing you can do for yourself this week is to be around people who validate you. Make sure that the responsibilities you have in your community are absolutely equal and accountable to power dynamics. If you are unraveling a particular ambition, you’ll want to see if it’s financially feasible now. As your dreams take off, make sure they still support you.

♒️  Aquarius  ♒️

What has been holding you back psychologically as you tackle the world? You have the ability to be a powerful figure but you define yourself through your free spirited nature. Redefining freedom is of essence this week as well as how you want people to acknowledge you. Create a long term plan for yourself that take on your daily oppressions.

♓️  Pisces  ♓️

A perspective shifts for you, one that has been coming for a long time. This will impact you psychologically and emotionally. You’ll finally see why you’ve been blocking a certain thing out and start to develop a subconscious clear of the fears this thing gives you. Work on healing your imagination first, Pisces, both as public imagination and a personal one.

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