Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Far Away From Home

Now, the days are getting longer and it’s even possible to get home before the sun sets.

Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Far Away From Home
February 5, 2018

All month, the Sun has been in the sign that is farthest from its place of home, meaning that our energy is at an all time low. Sunlight has been at an all time low as well, meaning we feel as if we are pushing ourselves much more than other times of the year. Now, the days are getting longer and it’s even possible to get home before the sun sets.

This week, let’s finish up Aquarius season with the last moon phase — a Last Quarter moon in Scorpio followed by a waning crescent. This last moon phase, the last week before the Lunar New Year, lets us crawl back in ourselves — an ego that appears almost empty. Aquarius season was meant to humble us so that we are able to be more courageous in our actions and hearts. The key word is detachment — what can we detach from so that we can be lighter versions of ourselves? Honor the Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio by shedding an old skin and get ready to return home to clean your house, figuratively and literally.

Venus crosses into Pisces at the end of the week, stepping into its sign of exaltation. Venus is our wishing well and Pisces is the ocean. Expect for abundance by fighting against acceptance — everything falls into the ocean, all our joys, sorrows, rages, and numbness, but nothing is able to exist as it did before it drowned. Get ready to blink at the complexity of everything around you, while not accepting or normalizing anything but perverting and investing it all and simply letting everything exist.

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(These horoscopes are more accurate if you look at your rising sign, sun sign, and moon sign! If you don’t know your time of birth, sun and moon signs are fine.)

♈️  Aries ♈️

In order to get your image of your future straight, to really be ready to be the thing you want to be down the line, you have to be willing to transform completely. Let yourself accept highs and lows because it’s more likely that you’ve been going horizontally or front and back all along. Cut out what is unnecessary in your life so that you’re able to focus.

♉️  Taurus ♉️

Let what comes come and always remember to observe. Tick off the red flags that go off should they pop up so that you can make a plan of change, not so you can fall back on old patterns of going off in the same way you always have. This week something out of your hands challenges you. You’ve been ready for it for a while now.

♊️  Gemini ♊️

Come to terms with something at work to question whether your high ideals really fit the version of reality you are living inside of. One thing or another has to change. Don’t forget that you would die inside your utopia because of its constant opportunities to change what you need. Not good things which remain static. Let your pillars of what is right and correct and good fall to the wayside.

♋️  Cancer ♋️

Let go of control. Meet other people and let them dictate what this world means to you for a while. Let yourself believe that you truly know nothing about anything so that you become like a cup, ready to be filled. Accept the feelings that pass because they always react to something but notice the way they pass through you, forgotten when they’re gone.

♌️  Leo ♌️

Retreat, Leo. Stay at home and deal with it. What isn’t working for you there and what is? The home is your arena of personal transformation because no one can see you there. Make sure it is a place that keeps you alive and ready to adapt. You might have to get go of this particular place to sleep if it begins to feel too much like a coffin.

♍️  Virgo ♍️

This is a great place to make some small changes at work or home so that everything can be streamlined in the future. Get everyone on your side and working by taking their needs, freedoms, and personalities into account. Make a plan to clean so that you’re starting with a fresh slate every morning. Get other people to clean too so you don’t feel like a martyr.

♎️  Libra ♎️

How can you support your own creativity and how does your creativity need to be supported? It may be spending money on the things that make you more creative. It can also mean investing in your savings account and realizing you don’t have to spend anything to be creative. Find out what works for you right now.

♏️  Scorpio ♏️

Think about your own identity in the place you call home, whether you live with people or live alone. How does your identity contribute to your house, neighborhood, or other places of belonging? Do you contribute and learn more when you feel that you fit in or when you feel that you don’t? Make room for both feelings to get breathing space.

♐️  Sagittarius ♐️

It’s time to make your mind bigger by sleeping more. When you sleep, the spaces between your brain cells are being cleaned. If you haven’t given yourself time to rest, you’re not able to think as big as you would like to. Focus on finding time to sleep for a long time this week so that you’re able to change your mind as you wish.

♑️  Capricorn ♑️

How have your personal values changed the visions you call your ambition? The purpose of having values is exactly that — to change your inspirations and what you call success. Whether you value money, freedom, or racial equity, take this week to realize that old and disappointing goals may have turned out the way they did for a reason.

♒️  Aquarius ♒️

Put something out into the world, something that you’ve been working on for quite some time so that you can work on something new again. You’re finished with it and it’s time to show it to everyone else, not because it is perfect or finished (because life never is) but because it’s time for you to move on. Let your mistakes show so that you have the opportunity to learn.

♓️  Pisces ♓️

This week is here for your to become more idealistic, something that you will share with others and use to welcome everyone back into your life. You’re full of dreams this week — repaint the ceiling of your imagination so you’re fantasizing about different things. Let yourself be in perpetual disagreement with the world.

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