Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: All About Capricorn

The days are dreary and cold in the Northern Hemisphere.

Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women | January 8, 2018

Everything (Sun, Moon, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, and Pluto) is in Capricorn right now, making the voice in your head feel like Susan Sontag narrating everything you do. The days are dreary and cold in the Northern Hemisphere. The words bleak, melancholy, and dreary were all invented to describe this time of the year. Don’t worry but don’t lighten up either. Pretend you’re a Stark on Game of Thrones instead, that Winter is here, and that, as one famous Capricorn said it, that “the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.” Find your pack and you’ll find your wolf. Don’t forget that this is also the most sarcastic season because it is the driest. Find your dark humor — all that bile.

There is very little activity this week because of the lack of transits, since everything is just in Capricorn, so things can feel like a still photograph right now, timeless and static. There is also literally nothing in the air signs right now. This means that no one will feel like going out, that it’s time for a snow day so we can gather in our houses with our resources and huddle. Don’t feel like you have to change too much this week. Find the meaning in just existing, in just experiencing. As another famous Capricorn said it, “I may be suffering but what an experience this is” (probably also in a deadpan voice). Find pleasure in just how much you are able to endure.

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(These horoscopes are more accurate if you look at your rising sign, sun sign, and moon sign! If you don’t know your time of birth, sun and moon signs are fine.)

♈️  Aries ♈️

Something is right on top of you and it is heavy. It feel like the environment, wet and gray. If you’re in the mood for it, you enjoy this feeling of being being stranded in the world. All your energy is focused in the moment right now on higher principles and higher planes. Don’t forget the necessity work of deconstructing hierarchy as you desire height.

♉️  Taurus ♉️

You’re trapped in the space of how and what you think, which feels like concrete. Let yourself live there and build some security in term of how you frame your view. This will build security in your character and make you approach the world more sensibly. As you prepare for the future, invest in the present. Think of yourself as a container.

♊️  Gemini ♊️

This week will teach you something important — that you are able to receive more than you ever expected from others and that your existences dependent on social ties. It’s a time when you must learn to trust other people while also making sure others can trust yourself. Strengthen your ties with people and you’ll be able to satisfy yourself.

♋️  Cancer ♋️

Invest in other people. Buy from a friend’s business or give your time to someone who has the ability to care for you. Take accountability in your relationships by making you the one who is in control. Talk about what you need and how you need it. Demand to have your appetite filled so that you do not blame yourself when it is not.

♌️  Leo ♌️

It’s time to really get to work on something. This week, throw yourself into your process. Lose track of time and get into a flow developing something. Draw, meditate, or write. As long as you’re in a process aligned with the energy of your body, you’re going to feel good during this week. You might overwork, which is why you need these crafts to nourish yourself.

♍️  Virgo ♍️

Bleak environments are where you have your best ideas. Enjoy the depressive moment while you can and get serious about something. You’re at your most creative right now so you should really take time to create something! Somehow, you finally have the time to do it this week because it feels like time is passing slower. Get busy and enjoy yourself.

♎️  Libra ♎️

You might feel like a rock this week, like you can’t move from one place. This is you just needing some time to be at home. Just stay there and chill when it’s cold outside because it will give you the necessary energy to be more active the rest of the year. Reorganize your space a bit, especially if you’re moving around, so that you can feel at home.

♏️  Scorpio ♏️

You’re about to get really obsessed with something and spiral off in the ether searching for it. Prioritize some time to spend on the internet so that you can get lost clicking through one Wikipedia article after another. This time of the year, you’re able to absorb more information than usual. Get some data into your brain and process later.

♐️  Sagittarius ♐️

This is the best time for you to budget your expenses. You should really do it. Make sure you plan to spend some money on the basic necessities instead of just budgeting for entertainment. Budget in a way so that you’re spending money on things which will make you respect yourself and feel like a grown up, even if you never truly will no matter how old you are.

♑️  Capricorn ♑️

This is your time of the year, Capricorn! You’re happy because the world is depressed. It’s times like this that you feel really sublime, like you don’t have the pressure to be happy to have to do the labor of pleasure. You can feel beautifully melancholy, work like Beethoven, and enjoy a cigarette out the window looking at the gloomy sky.

♒️  Aquarius ♒️

You’re always off on one of your projects or another, it seems, blowing off lovers, family, and friends to write a science fiction novel. This is that time to really invest all your time to that weird project. Take time off work if you can. You are doing nothing productive there anyway. You can only be your truly productive self when you’re on your own.

♓️  Pisces♓️

Serious people come find you this week. The most important thing to do is to build up your community. Hang out with groups of people, instead of one on ones, this week and bring people who don’t know each other together. This will make the community around you stronger and more stable as well as welcome new people who want to support you into your life.

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