Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Stronger Than Yesterday

You, like Britney, are stronger than yesterday.

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You, like Britney, are stronger than yesterday.

Mars goes direct on Monday, after retrograding for a whole summer. This whole summer was about working through your anger, your trauma, and sharpening your instincts so that your immediate feelings about a situation guide you rather than harm you. You’re a new self now. You are able to take on more than you were in the past, and able to fight more effectively. Mars retrograde taught you to pick your battles. On Monday, choose the battles to stage your dramas as you prepare for the fall.

The week is a intense one, following the full moon, with Mercury square Jupiter. There’s a lot of learning to be done, not that you’re in a place where you’re ready to do more again. If you’ve been feeling bored, you have thee chance to find something to make you gasp in wonder again.

This is an active week and the lunar phase reminds you to feed yourself to take on big projects and meaningful work. Eat regular, nourishing, and filling meals. Prepare food that’s in season for yourself. It’s the harvest season and time for you to feel fulfilled.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


You’re ready to release that thing you’ve been holding onto into the world now. It’s time to get back to work after a period of self improvement and laying low. Deal with the public again. Instigate the changes you see fit. The summer gave you the time you needed to find your self trust. Now, all you have to do is listen to what you feel is right.


It’s time for something new. Change locations, if you feel that it’s right. You might be going through career changes too. This is a great time to rethink whether something that you’ve been engaged in is right for the you that is the current you. Making changes is not easy when you’re a Taurus. If it takes you a long time, then start the consideration process now.


The experiences that you’ve gone through this summer are ripe now. Turn them into a set of slogans for yourself, a train of thought, or something that can be comprehended, shared, and remembered. You’re ready to go back to school, whether that’s a real school or your own self study. Find the inner teacher/student inside of you.


It’s time to be around people again, to share your time, your food, and your feelings. It might be a little challenging for you to come out of your shell, but this week is time for you to meet people who are different than the ones you normally hang with. Unsettle your sense of what’s familiar with strange company. Say hi to strangers that you meet.


Anything ill fitted habits with have come up in your body or work. It’s time to launch a new routine for yourself. Get up at a different time, whether that’s earlier or later, and pick meal times with work for your body. Find your energy again. Control what you have control over so you can surrender to what you don’t control.


It’s time to find your passion again. You might have lost it when you lost trust in yourself and your capacity for love. This is a week to have some fun. Trust what you are willing to do for yourself before you can trust what you can do for others. Get busy creating something and finding your flow process. Learn something new or play with old toys.


You might be getting some things sorted out at home. Reaffirm your boundaries with your family and anyone you live with. Establish your space so that you feel comfortable. Find a release for your anger in your dwelling place. It’s time to use your home in a new way. Rearranging some furniture can be a part of it. Fix broken things or buy new ones.


It’s time to write, to read, and to learn. If this summer has felt boring at all, it’s because it was time to reflect on how older interests aren’t servicing your appetite for the new anymore. Find new things that capture your interest. Make sure, when you speak, that you’re being heard. Choose your words. It’s time to sort your mind out.


The doubts and insecurities you’ve had about money need to be addressed. Take a plan of action. Feel out your money related instincts, about how much you can spend and how much you make. Prioritize things based on how much they matter to you. It’s time to support yourself better and that can mean putting things into a savings account.


If this summer had you feeling a little cut off from yourself, it’s time to move forward in a new skin. You’re ready to release something to the world. Get down to business. Figure out who you are to yourself first, then what story you want to communicate and tell the world. These identities can be different, as long as they’re able to speak to each other.


You’re finally ready to tackle that thing that’s been bothering you. Whether it’s an unhealthy set of expectations, fear of what you can’t control, or fear of being left out, take the initiative to feel out your dream work and confront the insecurity head on. You might want to try saying, out loud, to yourself, in a safe space, the things that you fear. Release them.


You’re friends are back! It’s okay to feel like you need to be on your own a little this summer. Now, you’re ready to hang out with people again. Find your social support network after hiding out for some time. Plan some activities with friends that you like. You might find yourself hanging out with different people than usual, and that’s okay.

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