Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Rethink Your Understanding Of Timing This Week

“Take what is historical and make it fantastical.”

Rethink your understanding of time this week. Reinvent history, cite the future, and imagine the present. Saturn is expecting Uranus this week, so it’s the perfect time to change up your thinking. Take what is historical and make it fantastical. What has already happened is already happening in the future. What will happen has already occurred. You have the power to change the movement of time.

Venus is moving into Scorpio—meaning we get to the meat on the bones of our lives. Under all that skin, what’s going on? The half moon in Leo on Friday is the last tense moon phase before Scorpio season will end. This moon phase reminds us that, in order to be intimate and powerful, we have to love and protect ourselves. We begin the process of recreating ourselves after trauma. We hold ourselves close.

(These horoscopes are more accurate if you look at your rising sign, sun sign, and moon sign! If you don’t know your time of birth, sun and moon signs are fine.)


This will be a social week for you, Aries, and that will challenge you. Reach out to loved ones while nurturing your wounds. You’re realizing what you’ve been holding inside is a result of harm done to you—and you are defining the nature of that pain. You can and will heal with supportive people around you.


There’s a challenge for you this week, dear Taurus: be open to anything that happens. You cannot control everything, but you can remain grounded in who you are. You will also reconsider your friendships this season. You’ll want to ask yourself: who protects you?


Are you growing? Find your willingness to try new things. Let go of your fear of failure. See life as the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. Then, you will find a way to grow every day.


Validate yourself this week. Nurture yourself. Love yourself. Put your arms around yourself and feel the matter of your body, knowing your worth. This is exactly the right time to do it.


How does heritage and identity come together for you, Leo? Right now, your life is about transforming the past through the creation of the future. To do that, you have to understand the past as thoroughly as possible. What is your history and how does that frame your future?


Take a step back from the project that you’re involved in and look at the big picture. Who does this affect and how does this affect you? Consider your actions’ unintended implications—sometimes these accidents are how you create.


This week, you’ll observe something that changes your value system or how you see yourself. You participate better as an audience member than at the center of attention. Soon, you’ll watch a spectacle unfold.


This week, something will call you to be creative and have fun. Use this time to discover new possibilities of being. This room to play will give you a much-needed confidence boost that you’ll carry with you through the season.


This is a good week to travel or change your surroundings. If you can’t get away from daily life, change your commute or visit a new cafe. Listen to new music or go to a new park – as long as it’s a different experience. It will have a subconscious influence on you—and you’ll see change manifested in the world.


What do your friends owe you and what do you owe your friends? This is the time of squaring away debts. Give or take back what you need now, or it will breed resentment later in your relationships. Make sure everyone feels comfortable about the present power dynamics.


You may feel the need to invite new people into your life and redefine your social goals. The challenge is continuing when your goals are denied. Focus on giving love rather than taking it, and you will, in turn, be nurtured.


Your body and location converge this week. How does your body feel depending on where it physically is? And how do themes of location or dislocation change and shape your perspective? Take a look at what shape you are. Transgress borders.

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