Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Are You Ready For Fall?

Damn, it’s actually already almost fall!

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Damn, it’s actually already almost fall!

Virgo season brings all of Hermione’s favorite things — back to school sales, new books and old books, longer library hours, and the smell of spearmint. The Sun leaving Leo for Virgo this Thursday cools things down noticeably. It’s time to get engaged again, to get back to work. Too much fun, without any learning or substance, gets boring pretty fast. Fall is time for book worm vibes, for doing projects, for taking lessons, and honing your skills. Mercury retrograde has just ended and you should have a clean slate to work on.

Sun trine Saturn and Uranus this week doesn’t hurt matters. Daily routines are structured well without much effort. It’s time to keep busy. Your body will thank you later.

The Virgo Full Moon on Sunday has Venus conjunct Pluto. Shared resources, work, and relationships come to the forefront. This is a good day to hold a house meeting or talk with a partner about who does what chores. Re-do your cleaning schedule so that everyone feels like they’re contributing and appreciated. Domestic labor is a big deal. Plan it out with awareness.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


Clean out your body. Find what plants and medicine work for you. The change in air pressure has you gasping, because you’re a fire based being. Change the diet you’ve settled into for the summer into something more nurturing for the cold. Comfort your body with a new routine. Get up early and commit to your schedule. Change your body and change your life.


Tinker with your many projects. Love yourself through your work and body. Take pleasure in soothing your skin in preparation for the colder weather. The increase in time spent inside will give you more time to do whatever you want. Find out what you want, for this year. Play with yourself, like you are a kid again, in your private worlds.


Clean your house. Get rid of the things you need to get rid of. Clean your work and living spaces for better peace of mind. Negotiate with your roommates about who does what chores, especially if you need to trade. Make that cleaning schedule on Google calendar. Get cleaning supplies so that you can keep your bathroom and kitchen pest free.


Find your voice again. Read and write to your heart’s content. Say your poetry out loud. Find your daily writing practice again. You need your voice to work for you and grow with you. Keep some secrets to yourself. The more effectively you’re able to get across what you need to get across, the more capable your are in the world. Words are your tool. Use them.


Budget for this moment of your life. Things have changed since the last time you did your monthly expenditures. Find out how much you can spend on food in a week and investigate the places you can get newly seasonal plants to feed yourself with. Get serious about work again, not that it’s not beach weather anymore. Ask for a raise. Buy things to last you all winter.


Restyle yourself. Think about who you want to look like, this time around, at this age of your life. Organize a clothing swap with friends. Give the clothes that just aren’t you away and find some that you’ll love and wear all the time. Re-do your makeup routine, if you wear any. The changing weather will change your skin care routine.


Get some sleep. You need some rest. The air pressure shift can literally take your breath away. Close your eyes and find the dreams that are worth listening to. Listen to your intuition. Find out what archetypal characters play, fight, and drive in your imagination. Let yourself withdraw a little from your friends so that you have psychologically space alone.


Spend some time with friends. Virgo season is basically made for you to find the ones you like to play with and complain together about some of the things you hate most in the world. Make cynical humor together. Make fun of what you like to make fun of, but not each other. While you’re complaining, keep dreaming of a future that you want to make.


Work on your goals. It’s lonely at the top because you need to think about your individual goals on your own, without the influences of others. Your friends are good sources of inspiration but there is work that you need to do, by yourself, in your house, in your office, or in your studio. Say no to more social events so you have time to do what needs doing.


Rethink your relationship with institutions. There must be some that you are still involved with, which no longer work for you. Make sure that they’re working for you and you’re not working for them. It may be time to end some professional relationships gently for the time being. It can also be time to go out with a bang, whichever makes you grow more.


Clean out your attachments. It’s time to grow some relationships to be closer than they were before, and to let others go so you have the emotional capability to care for the ones you do. Let yourself do both. Not everyone is right for you. You’ll find the people who are and love them for a lifetime, so don’t rush into anything. Get picky about who you share yourself with.


Clean out your relationships. The way you want other people to know you is changing. You’re readying yourself for a new relationship. Attract different people by shifting your personality to reflect your current mentality. You might want to change certain parts of your outer presentation as well. Dress for the job you want and the self you want. Remember who your people are.

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