Weekly Horoscopes for Queer Women: What Is Your Mission?

Before you can plant the seed of your mission, you have to assess.

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This is a time for serious discussions, for holding meetings and holding space for the heavier topics in life. Treat all the voices in your head like they’re different characters in a boardroom meeting. What are they talking about and what are the costs and gains? Before you can plant the seed of your mission, you have to assess.

Mercury stops retrograding on Sunday, making the end of the week particularly intense for negotiations. If there’s something that you’re considering or talking about on the table, this is a good week to make some headway. Flip the script of the conversation, if you don’t feel that it is stuck.

Biologically, the waxing moon gives us more energy for engaging in these frank discussions. Eat well this week, so that you have the energy to be honest with yourself and others.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your sun and moon.


You’re ready to share something with the world, maybe having just finished a project or two, but it might be better to sit on it for another week. Dedicate a few more days of work to finish something and make it something you’re proud of sharing for years afterwards, not just for the next few months. Hold your horses and learn to time your releases.


Take the time to learn something new, to consider new possibilities, and to strengthen your mindset before you pursue a long-term goal. In order to plan what responsibilities and actions to take on, you need to remind yourself that you should be perpetually learning. Don’t give yourself a hard time for making mistakes but actively endeavor to make them and laugh at yourself.


You’re getting ready to formulate your connections to your community into a pursuit of the truth. Let yourself be influenced by other people just a little bit longer. Let yourself stay a little more flexible before you look for your own dogmas. Stay the listener and the receiver for just another week before you begin to teach the world in your own way.


Understand a relationship before proceeding towards deeper intimacy. There’s still something that you have to work out between mutual appreciation before you can establish patterns of give and take. Figure out whether you like a person, or yourself around a person, before you give everything to them. Set boundaries and respect yourself.


Before you give your energy to another person, let yourself know what is going on in your own body first. Prioritize your self-care routines and understand the delicate balance of how you feel with what you do for yourself. This way, when you are around other people and anything bothers you, you know where you can retreat to process those feelings.


As you’re getting ready for more work and a different routine, remember what you actually want. Don’t lose sight of your overall goals and desires, or you’ll lose your motivation inside all the drudgery. If you’re learning a new skill, for example, remember why you decided to learn it in the first place. These feelings are what you’ll use to motivate you in the near future.


To get ready to play, to date, and to fall in love, re-establish your care routine. How do you take care of yourself? How do you take care of others? What are your needs and how do you ask for them to be met? You’re ready for some romance in your life, but, before you proceed, make sure that the experiences you will have are meaningful by remembering your needs.


Before you’re ready to go home and feel comfortable, there’s some things that you want to talk about just to express them. Work on your communication. Make sure that you’re understood when you talk and that you can control the effect. This takes a little work but it’ll be a skill that you bring with you wherever you go, so that anywhere can become home.


It’s almost time to learn something new, to explore, and to go somewhere  but, right before you do, make sure your financial affairs are in place. Budget not for the old or even the current but for the future you. Make sure that’s a you who has enough space and support to learn, to make mistakes, and to tackle uncomfortable situations.


You need to spend just a little more time processing who exactly you are before you get into ways of self-support. Regain a little flexibility on identity issues so that you have as much potential as you can when you think about creating value. It’s time to apply for jobs or ask for more at work soon, but pump up your resume or list your strengths first.


You’re not quite ready to emerge yet. There’s still something not quite polished about the ideas and fabrications of a project that you need to invest some private time into building. Whether you’re releasing a tech project, a poem, or even a Facebook status, hold onto that thought just a little while longer. The changes you make during this time will be worth it.


Don’t disappear into yourself just yet. Spend some more time with friends and community first. You’re ready to get in a zone of isolation, but to make it as productive and orienting as possible, spend more time with the people who inspire you in your life. Collect more material to bring with you into your fantasies.

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