Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Total Eclipse Of The Heart

The Mercury retrograde in Leo emphasizes this need to create something original.

Happy total lunar eclipse! A lunar eclipse is basically a full moon that is conjunct a lunar node. This eclipse is “total” because it’s almost exactly conjunct the south node, meaning that it’s very long. It’s also happening almost exactly conjunct Mars. Not only that, but the Sun opposes Mars this week from its place of rulership. Plus, Mercury goes retrograde on Thursday in Leo. This is a very astrologically active week!

The work that we will do on Mars is about healing the fight or flight instinct. We live in a culture of trauma, where every meaning is created through inherited trauma. When we get too close to the root of every meaning, this is when triggers happen. The warrior brain knows only to fight or run. She doesn’t know how to communicate. This means that she is often scapegoated and killed.

The Mars and Moon, close to the south node, mean that emotional reactions represent the past that influences your present. The Sun on the north means that you create your future.

The Mercury retrograde in Leo emphasizes this need to create something original. With Mercury closer to the Earth than any other time, our ideas, absorption of information, and communication is in focus. There just might be a decision you must reach on your own terms, to put the drama of the past behind you once and for all. When the warrior learns to speak and to listen, she learns to fight the war and not the battle.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


You’re thinking too small when you crave institutional validation. Every congratulations, every honor, and every status symbol has political influences. What can you create for yourself on your own terms? You, truly, want nothing but what feels real for you. Figure out what that is for yourself. Create the things you want for yourself.


Give yourself a break from the systemic oppression you experience everyday by any means necessary. Take time off and stay at home if you have to. It’s time to learn your roots so that you make yourself stronger in your self knowledge as you face the world. You understand the world too thoroughly and are reacting through trauma. Reassure yourself with what sustains you.


Listen, don’t speak. You’re not in a time right now where you can afford to be right or wrong. The more you are either, the less you are learning and the more you’re reacting through trauma. Tell people where you are at right now and prepare to revise and edit in real time. Hear the reactions of those around you and you’ll grow so much. The new information you get will make you perpetually curious.


Work on your self esteem. Stop giving your time to others through the crafting of emotional drama. There’s too much about sharing and intimacy that operates only on the logic on trauma for you right now. Instead, turn that energy into something that builds you up. Only then, can you learn new interactions to build love with others.


Don’t worry about which social group you fit into anymore. The truth is, you were always meant to stand out. The more you crave the acceptance of others, the more you betray yourself and the more people are annoyed by you. People want to see you shine and succeed. They want to see you make your own terms and win by them. Live as your own best role model.


The more your obsess over how your body feels, the more pain you sense. Have an out of body experience this week, which will come from any activity that encourages flow. Forget yourself and your distinctness to take a break and get into an altered consciousness. Don’t use drugs for this but your natural capacity as a living thing dependent on the rhythm of all life forms.


Stop moving from lover to lover, just to pour the love you have out to someone else. Don’t get romantically involved with anyone who you’re not already friends with. Prioritize your friendships and love your community unconditionally. Make sure every relationship you get in doesn’t turn into a house of mirrors but is anchored to your larger community.


Leave memories of your last relationships, your last home, and your last emotional investment behind. You’re ready to make changes in your external life so that you feel change happening in your internal one. Get ready to leave the place of your last trauma. Go somewhere else if you have to so that you’re seeing different things everyday. You’re ready for a new world.


It’s time that you started thinking bigger, about your dreams and how to achieve them. Stop focusing on what’s at stake in your interactions with those you already agree with. Move so that you leave room for disagreement. Say the honest thing and not the good thing. Hold yourself accountable for your listening skills and not your speaking skills.


Stop controlling the money you have in your bank account. Any money you have is actually a liability, because it represents what the state owes you for your time, talent, and labor. Instead, find ways of creating security through your relationships and community. What you share with others and what you’re able to receive is your only security.


You’re afraid of love because you’re afraid of yourself. You have no idea who you are, so you don’t think you can offer someone else anything. This is the biggest lie that you tell yourself. You are only what you are able to offer other people. Grow your self esteem so that you’re able to be generous with your time, money, and love like you are meant to be.


Stop identifying yourself with every group you come across. You are your own person. Your have your own distinctness and ability to make your own group. Wake up to the power that is you and your love. No existing community will meet your needs because you are here to merge communities that don’t speak to one another. This is a tremendous act of healing.

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