We Love A Pride Moment: 19 Goodies For House-Bound Pride


Loungewear, but make it Pride!

At the risk of stating the obvious, Pride has been a little different this year. This might be the first Pride to coincide with a pandemic, a recession, and an uprising. As one Twitter user so aptly put it: “I’m at the pandemic. I’m at the recession. I’m at the uprising. I’m at the combination pandemic/recession/uprising.”

With Covid-19 still firmly in our midst, the majority of Pride celebrations have gone virtual. On the plus side, these virtual events are accessible from anywhere in the country; no longer limited by geography. We even have unprecedented worldwide events, like Global Pride. Pride 2020 is also introvert-friendly: you can celebrate from the comfort of your own home. Depending on the event, you may not even need to turn your camera on.

But you’ll still want to look cute. There’s something about a rainbow outfit that just screams festive and GAY. I don’t even like rainbows, but I still dressed my dog up as one because that’s what queers do. 

Whether you’re heading out to a Pride motorcade event, marching in support of Black LGBTQ+ lives, or just tuning in to one of the many aforementioned virtual Pride events, you need some new rainbow gear this year. Nay, you deserve it. 

Here’s a shoppable list of rainbow gear you can buy online and express ship to your house, ASAP.

Teva Flatform Universal Rainbow Pride Sandals


Earthy queers, I see you! These flatform sandals from Teva are both colorful and practical.

Nike Air Force 1 BeTrue


These special edition Air Force 1s officially come out on June 22, but they’re timeless enough to wear all year long.

Converse Pride Collection


Converse released another huge Pride collection of Chuck Taylors, with so many cute rainbow options (plus bisexual and trans colors).

HRC X Madewell Love to All Bandana


Because there’s still a pandemic, and you should be covering your face when you go out, but you can keep up the ~spirit~ while you do so.

TomboyX Rainbow Pride Bra


It’s 2020 and wearing bras as crop tops IS THE FUTURE. This rainbow bra from queer-owned brand TomboyX is available in up to 4X.

TomboyX Knee High Socks


I’ll declare it: knee-high socks are queer. Also, this subtle accessory can be worn so many different ways (short shorts anyone?).

Otherwild Dyke T-Shirt


This is not technically a full rainbow but it IS a perfect Herstory-inspired dyke T-shirt from a queer-owned company, so it’s a win all around.

Banned Meeting Rainbow Ankle Strap Heels


High femmes who are morally opposed to sneakers, here’s your new favorite Pride heel.

Neva Nude Nipztix Rainbow Pasties


If you’ve never been mostly-nude at Pride ‘cause you’re way too shy, now is the year! Behold, rainbow pasties.

Sixth June Rainbow Tie-Dye Tracksuit


Loungewear, but make it Pride! Also, These pants from Asos look super comfy.

Over-The-Rainbow Oversized Round Sunglasses


These huge rainbow sunglasses are so over-the-top, yet ~chic~.

Tessa Tie-Dye Bucket Hat


More tie-dye, this time in bucket hat form, ‘cause you can never have enough hats!

Forever 21 Rainbow-Trim Tube Top


If you’re used to wearing black, hello, this crop top is a gradual introduction into the rainbow world.

Target Pride Gender Inclusive Rainbow Striped Cropped Sweatshirt


Cropped sweatshirts aren’t the MOST practical item in the world but if it’s a little cool at night, pop this gender neutral sweatshirt on for Pride.

ModCloth x Collectif Jet-Setting Time Maxi Dress


This ModCloth maxi dress gives off all the right confident Pride vibes.

Lovers + Friends Hayworth Mini Dress


This cute white mini-dress features tiny rainbow pinstripes.

Forever 21 Tie-Dye Biker Shorts


Because biker shorts are the most versatile item of clothing ever.

Keds Rainbow Bliss Slide


If you’re lucky enough to be poolside sometime this June, these rainbow slides from Keds are ideal pool slides. 

Sugarhill Brighton Stripe Tee


No list of Pride gear would be complete without a dependable rainbow stripe T-shirt.

Happy Pride!

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