Watch Now: The Mermaids

Busk Films introduces sporty lesbian rom-com

The Mermaids is a cute zero-to-hero story about uber-nerd Nikki, a girl who explains the universe around her in exclusively mathematical terms. Things change, however, when her therapist suggests she join a sports team to gain some self-confidence. Despite her lack of coordination, she hooks up with a women’s football team and discovers the wonderful world of women—or, more specifically, their attraction for each other and her attraction for them.

She butts heads with head coach Jessi, the team’s resident womanizer, especially when Nikki’s playbook gives the losing Mermaids a fighting chance in their last game of the season. Might Jessi lose her strategic prowess, and her girlfriend, to our bookish and adorable leading lady?

Reminiscent of sports flicks like Stick It and Bend It Like Beckham, and with a whiff of innocently-not-so-innocent characters like those in Brat Pack movies, this German film from Sistas Inspiration is a short worth watching. Upbeat, quirky and modern, The Mermaids will not disappoint. You gotta love a story where the nerd prevails.

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