Veronica Paige

Veronica Paige by Jay de Lima

A few years ago, Veronica Paige created Spectrum Wellness 360 “to help marginalized women, cis and trans, and minorities in the LGBT community to master interpersonal and professional success, to find stability and peace of mind and to navigate through the unique challenges presented not just by society, but by our own community itself,” she tells GO. Unfortunately, 2020 put a pause on Paige’s plans, causing her to postpone her company’s relaunch in Costa Rica. However, she didn’t let a pandemic stop her. Paige had already begun scouting for possible retreat locations when she and her fiancé decided to convert their Jamaican farmland into an eco-lodge retreat space. “Our dream upon completion is to expand the concept of queer-owned transformational travel safe spaces into other remote areas of the world,” she tells GO. Paige’s work directly supports her desire to see queer role models giving back and leading by example, even in non-LGBTQ+-dominated fields. “I love to bring my fiancé to mixers, galas, and business dinners, because we have something to contribute to the professional landscape,” says Paige. “Our input as queer women of color deserve[s] to be heard, and our communities and those who live in them deserve protection and development. I am proud to ensure this in any and all business dealings on which I work.” —IL

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