Trade Unions Delcare Solidarity

The second annual LGBT forum was help last month by the global trade union federations.

In the only event of its kind to be presented by global trade union federations, the seond international LGBT forum was held jointly by Public Services International and Ed-ucation Inter-national in Vienna in mid Sep-tember, reports. During the event, the two federations, which represent over 50 million workers in 950 trade unions around the world, launched Trade Unionists Together for LGBT Rights, the first international trade union guide to achieving equality for LGBT workers.

According to the new guide, international solidarity and joint action between unions representing LGBT workers can help contribute to broader campaigns for equal rights. The publications cites the examples of more than 12,000 Polish teachers who protected against government harassment of LGBT people earlier this year, and trade unions that have urged and end to persecution against gays and lesbians in Jamaica and South Africa. Also in September, EI and PSI launched the first international trade union Web-based resource for LGBT workers.

Despite many legislative improvements around the world, institutional discrimination against LGBT individuals on matters like pensions, taxation, leave entitlements, family-friendly policies and harassment remains common in most countries. Fear of discrimination and harassment keep LGBT employees, particularly transgender employees, closeted at work.

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