Top Lesbian and Queer Comics Get Out the Vote

Think the election is funny business? So do Kate Clinton, Rosie O’Donnell, Lea DeLaria and more hilarious performers. Join them for a night of political-themed comedy…

Think the election is funny business? So do Kate Clinton, Rosie O’Donnell, Lea DeLaria and more hilarious performers. Join them for a night of political-themed comedy, courtesy of the nation’s only lesbian political action committee. Read all about it in this message from LPAC.

The 2016 election may seem like a joke, but the stakes are no laughing matter, particularly for lesbian women and our families. LPAC—the nation’s first and only lesbian political action committee—is gathering the top lesbian and queer comics in America for a special one-night show to raise money and awareness for the 2016 election. Levity & Justice for All will take place on June 16, 2016, in New York City. 

Political satire, parody and old-fashioned stand-up have long been an opportunity to turn our serious struggles into laughter. And lesbian and queer women have long been true headliners, using jokes and stand-up to challenge the traditional heteronormative patriarchy. The Levity & Justice for All lineup, led by Kate Clinton, includes Rosie O’Donnell, Lea DeLaria, Karen Williams, Cameron Esposito, Judy Gold, Marga Gomez, Jes Tom, Marsha Warfield and Rhea Butcher. These performers have a history of blurring the line between comedy and activism to advocate for change for LGBT women in and out of the spotlight. 
Women’s rights champion Billie Jean King is honorary co-chair, and the amazing, special musical guest BETTY will perform. Award-winning cartoonist and author Alison Bechdel—author of “Fun Home”—designed an original poster for the event. This event will celebrate the political voices, humor and activism of lesbian and queer women, while inspiring and motivating those in attendance to participate in the 2016 election.
“Lesbian and queer women are on the cutting edge of cultural change,” said Kate "Hilarity" Clinton. “Our comedy has always delivered pointed political commentary and helped inspire activism. I am thrilled that LPAC and this stellar lineup of comics will take center stage in this critical election to urge our communities to get involved politically and to vote!"
As the first national LGBTQ organization to endorse Hillary Clinton for President, LPAC plans to invest more than $500,000—including the proceeds of the evening’s event—to get out the vote, and inspire women and the LGBTQ community to support Secretary Clinton and LPAC’s 2016 slate of progressive candidates. 
“June 2016 marks the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision; and it takes place in a political season that vividly reminds us that our work for justice is far from done,” said Beth Shipp, LPAC Executive Director. “We face candidates at the national and local level who would overturn the gains made on LGBTQ equality, women’s rights, racial and social justice. We want Levity & Justice for All to shine a spotlight—through fun and humor—on our work to elect candidates from the state house to the White House who will positively impact the lives of LGBTQ women and families across the country.”
While 2016 seems like a political parody, the stakes are high for LGBTQ women and our families. With three states enacting anti-LGBT laws in March and April alone, and court cases threatening to erode our constitutional rights and access to healthcare at the U.S. Supreme Court, this election could be one of the most critical of our lifetime. Our community must engage if we want to win. We must register and vote; we must donate and volunteer. LPAC’s Levity & Justice for All is a fun and empowering opportunity for LGBTQ women and our allies to join together and activate our collective political power. 
 “For me, this isn’t about politics, it is personal,” said LPAC Chair Laura Ricketts. “I don’t really like politics. But I learned early in life that if you don’t step onto the field to play the game, you forfeit. I am not willing to forfeit my rights, and those of my wife, daughter and all women.” 
Levity & Justice for All will take place at The Town Hall (123 W 43rd St, New York, NY) on June 16, 2016. Tickets start at $60 at; sponsorships start at $500. For information on event sponsorship and benefit tickets, contact Patricia Evert at

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