This Viral Tweet Will Get You Even More Hyped For The L Word Reboot

“I got two coffees – one for Dawn, one for my lover Cindy.”

If you’ve been on the queer side of Twitter lately, you might have noticed a tweet by Kelley Quinn (@heyKQ) in which she “auditions” to be a barista on the new “L Word.” The video, which Quinn admits is “unsolicited,” features her calling out drink orders for regular characters and guest stars, singing the theme song, and offering funny comments for fans. (“Hey, I got two coffees – one for Dawn, one for my lover Cindy,” and ”I used to have a friend named Jenny. … Yeah, she was murdered.”)

“Like every other lesbian in the United States and world, I was thrilled when I heard about ‘The L Word’ reboot,” Quinn tells GO. “I’m a writer and comedian, and my brain right away went, ‘How do I get involved with this thing I love?’ Because I don’t have artistic representation, I was doubtful I could make myself known to the decision-makers on the show, so I started doing this bit mostly to amuse myself. Initially, I just wrote a short fake script for a barista. Then a few weeks ago, my friend Malin von Euler-Hogan (a wonderful straight ally) suggested I do a short, rapid-fire video in the style of something our mutual friend Alyssa Limperis (another great, although straight, comedian) would make, and I made my friend Chris Burns (a gay, who is Insta-famous in his own right) film it for me at the restaurant he manages as his day job. … I am shocked [by the response]. I’ve been doing comedy in New York for seven years and nothing I’ve ever made has gotten this kind of engagement.”

We are loving this hilarious video and we aren’t the only ones! Every day is another day closer to the reboot and WE CAN’T WAIT.

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