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Tribeca Film Fest, Stonewall Uprising, Hell on Wheels Gang Girls Forever

Want to see Natalie Portman get it on, Sapphic style, in the comfort of your own home? OK, Black Swan is a great film for many more reasons than Portman’s brief on-screen lesbian dalliance—but it’s certainly an added bonus. Either way, Black Swan was just released by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment on Blu-ray and DVD, so grab your copy today of this seductive, yet haunting film that scored Portman her Best Actress Academy Award. Portman’s mesmerizing transformation into the Black Swan leaves you breathless—and wanting to see it again (and again. And again).

On April 25, the PBS series American Experience will premiere the acclaimed documentary Stonewall Uprising, by Kate Davis and David Heilbroner. In June of 1969, the gay community experienced their “Rosa Parks moment,” as one participant recalls, when the N.Y.P.D. raided a local gay bar, The Stonewall Inn. For the first time ever, patrons refuse to be led into paddy wagons, setting off a three-day uprising that launched the gay rights movement. This documentary explores that pivotal time in LGBT history.

April 16 at Bar 82, NYC’s Katrina del Mar presents two screenings of Hell on Wheels Gang Girls Forever, the girl gang movie that winds up the cult classic gang trilogy! Burning up the dirty streets and blazing down the pavement, everything is all wheels, all the time. Revel in dyslexic bikers, homeless queer skateboarders, violent rollerskaters, scooter riders with gambling parlors and hot-rods for the “differently abled! “This raucous film features a superlong roster of sizzling superstars and a soundtrack of pure pop-rock bliss.

Movie buffs rejoice: the Tribeca Film Festival returns to various downtown venues April 20–May 1. The festival’s mission focuses on assisting filmmakers in reaching the broadest possible audience, enabling the international film community and general public to experience the power of cinema and promoting New York City as a major filmmaking center. The schedule promises to once again feature an array of LGBT-interest films highlighting the diverse experiences of our community. Check for updates and more info.

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