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Hedda Gabler, The ’09 Frigid Fest and more…


Now playing at the American Airlines Theatre is a new interpretation of Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler, starring Mary-Louise Parker. Critics have been stirring over her performance in the title role of this classic play about a woman caught in a struggle between her mundane life and her desires. This wild ride is playing through Mar 29.

Another leading lady winning rave reviews is Stockard Channing for her turn in Pal Joey, which has been extended until March 1 at Studio 54. Set in the ‘30s, this production tells the story of a young man who dreams of opening his own nightclub and romances an older, married woman in the hopes that she will make his dreams come true.

Making its world premiere at the HERE Arts Center on Feb 14 is Soul Samurai, the story of two women in love: one a rogue samurai, the other a ghost. Set in a post-apocalyptic Brooklyn, the show tells the tale of Dewdrop, who, after avenging the death of her lover in Coney Island, must make it back to the LES  before the shoguns of Kings County find her. Combining such genres as Blaxploitation and Kung Fu, this show shoots for a seventies feel with a new twist on the heroine archetype.

Running from Feb 28—Mar 8 is the 2009 New York FRIGID Festival, featuring 30 productions in three different venues. Known for its uncensored take on independent theatre, the festival is a great slice of New York culture. Noteworthy pieces include Hysteri-killy, a one-woman show (or “one-freak show,” as they call it) that takes the audience on a hilarious romp through the mind of Kelly “Killer Killy” Dwyer, a “manic depressive, cockeyed optimist.” Another exciting offering is Y, marilyn unstitched, a post-autopsy journey through the life of the legendary Marilyn Monroe. All festival shows are under $20 per ticket. For more information, see

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