The Very Best of NYC Comedy

Homo Comicus, Getem Bitch, Sandra Bernhard

Continue your holiday cheer with Homo Comicus, the longest running LGBT comedy showcase, at New York’s famed Gotham Comedy Club Jan 4. Brilliant comic actress Jackie Hoffman (currently starring in The Addams Family on Broadway) joins hilarious out comic Jackie Monahan (star of the recent indie film hit Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same) and a gaggle of great LOLGBT comics, including the fabulous Bianca Del Rio and Sundance Channel’s Peter Depp. Your host is the bodacious Bob Montgomery.

Buckle up! Pam Ann, the original queen of the skies and A-list air hostess to the stars, is back in New York—and this time, she means business. She aims to knock the plastic smiles off the imposter hostesses on TV’s Pan Am in her raucous new production Getem Bitch, on layover at Joe’s Pub through Dec 23. Passengers embark on a journey from security check-in to boarding to (hopefully) landing as Pam pokes fun at air travel. She identifies the individual quirks of some of the biggest international airlines and their stereotypes, mixing her revelations with a generous dose of camp, humor and fabulousness. Lock your seats in the upright position and prepare to take off on the ride of your life.

Sandra Bernhard rocks Joe’s Pub Dec 28 through New Year’s Eve with her hysterical insight, outspoken views and outrageous mouth. Sandra’s brilliant unity of whipsmart diatribes on the state of modern culture and classic rock attitude burns true. Her show is fresh, real and crazier than ever. Performing with her band, The Rebellious Jezebels, she is filled with raucous energy and brings audiences to their feet. See her New Year’s weekend and ring in 2012!

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