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Women Forward, soloNOVA Arts Festival and more!


Now through May 31, the Williamsburg Arts & Historical Center showcases the second part of Women Forward, an installation featuring works by women artists born after 1950 (the first exhibition in the series displayed art by women born before that date). These international artists living and working in USA demonstrates today’s concept of "globalization," even in the art world. Some of them are up and coming mid-career artists, having started garnering recognition in the art world; some are emerging artists—but all of them are extremely inventive.

The 6th Annual soloNOVA Arts Festival at the DR2 Theatre & D Lounge presents special showcase of 15 artists converging in visual arts and performance, now through May 30. Highlights include Traces, in which Leigh Evans plunges deeply into the cartography of the inner body to unveil ancestral, cellular and archetypal memory; and Face, a lyrical rendition of a girl’s story who survived extreme violence and brutality in a Japanese army base during World War II.

To celebrate Gay Pride 2009, Casa Frela Gallery presents the group installation Fairy Tales: Personal Legend, Urban Myth, Gay Exhibition. Fairy Tales features drawings, paintings and sculpture by six gay artists: Brian H. Crede, Anthony Gonzales, Joel Handorff, Seth Ruggles Hiler, Tai Lin and Branden Charles Wallace, from June 13–July 13. Fairy Tales displays the essential spirit of each artist and tells individual narrative stories through artworks that recognize, illuminate and celebrate gay culture. The breathtaking range of subject matter includes coping with HIV/AIDS, remembering a favorite childhood comic super hero with added erotic sexual prowess, discovering one’s personal sexual identity, recording connections to other men through portraiture, escaping from reality through art, and under-
standing masculinity in our current society.

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