The Very Best Of NYC Art

Imaginary Portraits, Nobis Solo, Synthetic and more!

On display now through Dec 20 at the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation are four new installations, including Imaginary Portraits, which create “imaginary” images of same-sex couples throughout history who were never seen in a picture together. Also showing is 2,117 Days of Silence, named for the length of time during which the AIDS crisis went unmentioned by President Ronald Reagan, comprised of beefcake calendars and other memorabilia.

Latin for “by ourselves alone,” Nobis Solo is an exhibition showing at the Tabla Rasa Gallery now through Jan 31. Pieces selected for this show stand alone and demonstrate mastery by the artist of the medium in which they are working. The artifacts include sculptures, paintings and other works on paper, and have an “absence of egoic identity boundaries.”

Opening on Jan 22 at the Whitney Museum of American Art is Synthetic, which focuses on the use of acrylic paints to create images in which the flatness of the canvas is accepted. The exhibit includes pieces from Andy Warhol, Kenny Scharf, Roy Lichtenstein, as well as Helen Frankenthaler.

Once again this year, on Jan 10, Visual AIDS presents its largest fundraiser, Postcards From the Edge. Patrons are introduced to emerging artists while making high-profile artists’ work more accessible and affordable. Postcard-size pieces of original art can be purchased for $75 a pop. All artists’ names are withheld until after a piece is purchased. Proceeds from the sales benefit various AIDS-related organizations.

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