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The Complete Vincente Minnelli, beCAUSE, The Bride Wore Black

BAMcinématek presents The Complete Vincente Minnelli, a retrospective of the director’s classic musicals that earned him his reputation, as well as the subversive and deeply personal melodramas that reveal the sensitive soul of one of cinema’s greatest artists. Few directors harnessed the explosive visual and emotional capacities of the widescreen, Technicolor frame as fully as Vincente Minnelli. A master stylist who honed his craft in the theater, Minnelli brought an eye for elaborate mise-en-scene and an intensity of feeling to some of the most spectacular films ever produced in Hollywood. Featured films in the series include Brigadoon, Bells Are Ringing, The Reluctant Debutante and The Seventh Sin, now showing through Nov 2.

Tune into LOGO this fall as it continues the efforts of its first pro-social campaign beCAUSE by addressing critical social issues in a new series of documentaries. The series begins with the U.S. premiere of “The World’s Worst Place to be Gay” airing on Oct 22. The show follows openly gay entertainer DJ Scott Mills and his journey to Uganda, as he reveals the cruel and even deadly consequences that gay right activists must endure in Uganda. On Oct 29, “Illegal Love” by French filmmaker Julie Gail explores how California’s Proposition 8 marked the only time in U.S history when a civil right was granted and subsequently revoked. Gail exposes the injustice a minority group faces when a majority chooses to rescind their rights.

Don’t miss The Bride Wore Black showing at Film Forum Nov 4-10. Francois Truffaut directs this classic revenge film in which five men make a young bride a widow on her wedding day. In the opening scene the bride is introduced to us trying to commit suicide, only to be stopped by her mother before she jumps from her window. She is in black clothing and in obvious grief, but the reason is not yet revealed. Deterred from taking her life, her attitude suddenly changes. She proceeds to track down the murders, playing the enigmatic femme fatale in five different styles to take her revenge.

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