“Girl Night Stand: Chapter 2” Is The Sapphic Short Film We’ve Been Craving In Quarantine

Laurenzo is also the director and star of the feature film comedy-drama, “Lez Bomb,” which tells the story of a closeted woman who brings her girlfriend home for Thanksgiving.

Jenna Laurenzo’s “Girl Night Stand: Chapter 2,” a sequel to her 2015 short film “Girl Night Stand,” has just launched on YouTube.

“Girl Night Stand” tells the story of a woman, Katie (played by Laurenzo) who questions her sexuality after a one-night stand with another woman, Sarah. The sequel picks up some time later, after Katie and Sarah, in search of a human connection, reconnect in the time of Covid.

Laurenzo launched both films independently on YouTube, where “Girl Night Stand” has received nearly 14 million views. Laurenzo also composed the single “The River,” which is featured in the sequel. 

“2020 was tough for everyone. At a time in which connection is so important and craved for, I wanted to make something in both film and music with love, humor, and playfulness,” Laurenzo said in a press release. “We’ve all had our own version of Girl Night Stand and this chapter was created to inspire and instill hope when so many need it most.” 

Laurenzo is the director behind the feature film “Lez Bomb,” a queer-centered, coming-out romantic holiday comedy that made waves when it debuted in 2018. The film, which tells the story of  a closeted woman who brings her girlfriend home for Thanksgiving, premiered at the Bentonville Film Festival, where it won the Jury Award for Narrative Feature; it was released in theaters later that year.

“I wanted to lean into the nostalgia of the family films I grew up with,” Laurenzo – who directed, wrote, and starred in the film — said in an interview with the HuffPost. “I was hoping I could make a film that I could comfortably play in my family room on Thanksgiving with my grandparents, where we’d all be laughing together.”

Both “Girl Night Stand” and “Girl Night Stand: Chapter 2” are available to watch on YouTube. “Lez Bomb” is available to watch on Amazon Prime.



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