The Met Is Holding A Vogue Competition And Anna Wintour Is Judging

The dancers will compete for the title of “Legend.”

It seems like everyone is going all out this year for Pride season, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art is no exception. The famous institution just announced it’s Pride season calendar, and it is jam-packed with queer cultural events hosted by the Met that are not to be missed.

The crowning jewel of the calendar? An all-out voguing “Battle of the Legends” set to take place on the front plaza of the museum. On June 11, the Met will turn its front plaza into a massive dance hall and stage and bring the best of the best to the stage to compete. The performers will include Asia Balenciaga, Bootz Prodigy, Dashaun Lanvin, Omari Mizrahi, TyEbony, and Tamiyah Mugler. The event will also feature a star-studded judges panel, with Vogue editor Anna Wintour appearing alongside Jordan Roth; Twiggy Pucci Garcon, executive producer of the 2017 ballroom documentary Kiki; Jose Xtravaganza, an original member of the 1980s ballroom group House of Xtravaganza; and Jack Mizrahi, “Pose” star and ballroom historian.

Performers will compete for the grand prize: the title of “Legend Slayer” and a cash prize. There will also be a crowd favorite award doled out to the most audience-beloved performer.

The Met will keep the party going all month long with specially-themed MetFridays and curated talks. On June 11, MetFridays will cover Art and Gender, and on June 21, MetFridays will celebrate pride with a special night of gallery talks, panel discussions, art-making, and dancing.

And if you’re at the Met for Pride, don’t forget to check out the Camp: Notes on Fashion exhibit—which is on exhibition following this year’s Met Gala—and explores the “irony, humor, parody, pastiche, artifice, theatricality, and exaggeration are expressed in fashion” and is “a high-ceilinged, over-the-rainbow extravaganza,” according to the Wall Street Journal. 

You can check out more information about the Battle of the Legends and explore the full pride-month lineup on the Met’s calendar.


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