12 Amazing NYC LGBTQ Halloween Parties For Every Type Of City Girl

City girls, pay close attention. These parties will be teeming with ladies.

Halloween truly is like a gay Thanksgiving, don’t you think? It’s a fabulous Holiday where we get to dress up in wonderfully slutty costumes without the fear of being judged…and the best part? We don’t have to leave the city and get triggered by our homophobic small towns like we do during actual Thanksgiving.

The best place to be during Halloween is most definitely New York City (duh). And lucky for you GO Magazine has rounded up 12 amazing parties taking place between today (October 26th) and Halloween (October 31st) that you surely won’t want to miss, babes.

Oh, and if we missed one? Email: Zara@gomag.com!

1. Hot Rabbit’s Bad Habit “HELL YES!” Party 

Hot Rabbit’s “Hell Yes” Halloween Party is going to be ultra-amazing and I can’t wait to go and get my freak on, there babes. And it takes place at my personal favorite Bushwick spot: Lot 45.

Date: October 28th, 2017

Place: Lot 45 in Bushwick (411 Troutman Street)

Time: 10pm-4am

Highlights: Music by DJ ROSE DOMMU and DJ TIKKA MASALA, Performance by rising feminist rap star LEAF. Performance by goddess of drag ZENOBIA. Freaky photo”BOO”th by photo-master AMES BECKERMATieN. Amazing costume competition, (Seriously $500 cash, free tickets to a badass event, and more!).

Zara’s Tip: Dress to kill and if you’re single dress to kill and to hookup (always lots and lots of hot AF queer girls as this sexy event).

2. NY Social Presents: The “Saints and Sinners” Halloween Day Party 

NY Social’s party is going to be fierce. My favorite part? This party is a ~day party~ and I think it’s a real treat to see my fellow ~LGBTQ’s~ in the daytime.

Date: Sunday, October 29th

Place: Taj Lounge (48 w. 21st Street)

Time: 4pm-10pm

Highlights: Over 200 New York women will be in attendance (purr), CASH prize for best Halloween costume (meow), music by DJ MissyB, DJ RonBound and DJ Smooveski, bottle service and ~VIP packages~.

Zara’s Tip: Wear your most chic, most lesbionic costume for this event. Manhattan’s finest ladies will be there! 

3. Danielle Presents: Vamp (In New York Fucking City) 

We love Danielle’s parties and are super excited for this sexy Halloween Party at the amazing Chelsea spot, Elmo!

Date: Friday, October 27th, 2017

Place: Elmo (156 7th Ave)

Time: 9pm to 2am. 

Highlights: Only $10 cover if you wear a costume, DJ Stacy will spin new and old school hits alllll niiiight looongggg (she’s amazing), Halloween costume contest at midnight, AND the party is in the super sexy lounge of Elmo. Purr.

Zara’s Tip: Dress like the lesbian vampire you’ve always secretly wanted to be. I mean it’s a lesbian party called “Vamp.” Sharpen those fangs, ladies and misbehave.

4. Queer Horror Stories at the Mid Manhattan Library 

“Queer Horror Stories” sounds amazing! It’s important to get a little culture in during Halloween, you know?

Date: Monday, Oct. 30th

Place: Mid-Manhattan Library (476 5th Avenue)

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Highlights: New works by Cristina Rivera Garza, Samantha Hunt, and Chavisa Woods! A great Q + A after the reading! Also, the event is free (https://www.showclix.com/event/queerhorrorstories)! And you’ll get some well-needed culture so you don’t feel like such a drunken heathen this Halloween season.

Zara’s Tip: Don’t dress too slutty, it’s a library for goddess’s sake! 

5. Cynthia Russo & Lsrienas Present: Sugah and ScaresHalloween LGBT Sunset Yacht Party

Sugah and Scares Halloween Party  is going to be amazing and super different. After all, what’s more ~incredible~ than a bunch of gays in costume cascading down the city seas? Nothing.

Date: Saturday, October 28th

Place: Meets Pier 33/299 South Street, NYC

Time: Boards at 5 pm!

Highlights: Music from DJ Lena and DJ Melly Mel, A BOAT RIDE ON THE MAJESTIC PRINCESS, hosted by Maria Cherry Lips, fresh ocean air and lots of ladies galore.

Zara’s Tip: Dress like the gayest, most glittery Mermaid/Merman/Mer-person to ever exist. Life is short and boat rides full of gays is a rare, rare treat.

6. Henrietta Hudson’s Presents: The Walking Dead (Official after-party for Sugah and Scares boat ride!) + Halloween Night IT 

Oh, Hens, Hens, Hens. What’s better than Hens, Hens, Hens? Um, Hens on Halloween, baby! See you there!

Date: Friday, October 27th/Tuesday,  October 31st

Place: Henrietta Hudson

Time:  9pm-4am

Highlights: Well the first highlight is that it’s at the legendary Henrietta Hudson’s Bar and Girl, honey. And of course, the DJ sets by Culi and “spine-chilling” spirits will be a blast too!

Zara’s Tip: Don’t wear a lipstick unless it’s super matte. Because you know you’re going to make-out with someone at Henrietta Hudson! If you must do the dramatic lip, I recommend using “Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick.” It stays on through the most scandalous of lesbian make-outs. 

7. Ginger’s Bar Presents: An Entire Weekend Of Halloween Festivities!

Ginger’s, the fabulous, lesbionic bar in Brooklyn, has a whole weekend of Halloween Festivities, so you better rest tonight, babe. It’s going to be a scandalous, tiring, fabulous weekend at Ginger’s!

Place: Ginger’s Bar (363 5th Ave, Brooklyn)

Date: Friday, October 27th/Saturday, October 28th/Sunday, October 29th

Time: Friday: 9pm till close; Saturday: 9pm till close; Sunday 3pm till close

Highlights: Costume contests, trivia, Sunday-Funday and Karaoke galore in one of our favorite bars to ever exist! Seriously this is three days of epic fun.

Zara’s Tip: You can’t wear the same costume to the same venue, three different times. I say Friday night wear your second best costume, Saturday wear your absolute BEST costume and Sunday… just wear like a witches hat and jeans or something? Sundays are the one day that I condone basic-ness.

8. Cubbyhole Presents: Keep Calm…BOO! A Halloween Spooktacular!

I’m always down for a Cubbyhole night! Especially on a Tuesday because every lesbian New Yorker knows Cubby is at its best during the week, am I right?

Date: Tuesday, October, 31st

Place: Cubbyhole (duh, if you have to look it up shame on you! JK: 281 West 12th street)

Time: 7pm to 3am

Highlights: Amazing Manhattan gay energy, a fun costume contest, a lovely lesbionic crowd, colorful, gorgeous ceilings and friendly bartenders!

Zara’s Tip: Wear something fabulously scandalous or slutty. It’s the only way you’ll stand out against the sparkly decor.

9. Anything Goes: Logan Hardcore’s Throw Down

Anything Goes is always a blast in a glass, but imagine darling Logan Hardcore during Halloween season? Now that’s going to be a show for the book, babe.

Date: October 26th, (AKA tonight)

Place: The Stonewall Inn (53 Christopher St)

Time: 10pm-4am

Highlights: Uh it’s at the legendary Stonewall Inn, Logan Hardcore is hosting (the funniest human to ever exist) and it’s just the perfect way to spend the Thursday before Halloween, to be honest.

Zara’s Tip: You don’t have to get too dressed up tonight, but at least don a pair of cute pussy(cat) ears, OK?

10. Metropolitan Bar Presents: Hallow-Wiener 

For my queer, lesbian, bisexual hipster babes, this one is for you. Metropolitan Bar is one of the greatest bars to ever exist in Brooklyn. We’ll see you there.

Date: Saturday, October 28th

Place: Metropolitan Bar (559 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn)

Time: 9pm until very late at night.

Highlights: DJs Frankie Sharp, Ernie Cote and William Francis.

Zara’s Tip: Bring your fave gay boys and dance the night away in gorgeous BK!

11. Be Cute Presents: Halloween! 

This is going to be an over-the-top, colorful, fabulous, outrageous and entertaining party, babes! Put on your prettiest wig and we will see you on the dance-floor!

Date: October 28th.

Place: Littlefield, Brooklyn

Time: 11pm to 4am.

Highlights: Oh so many! Amazing shows, a gorgeous QUEER MIX DANCE party, drag, girls, boys, trans, fems, bottoms, tops, gays and LOLZ! What more could a person ask for? Nothing.

Zara’s Tip: Really go for it with your costume, don’t do a plastic-bag costume. We need mega lashes, mega wigs and mega glitter for days.

12. BumBum Bar Presents: Halloween Costume Boat Party! 

What’s better than a Sungay (yes Sungay) boat ride? Um, the possiblity of winning $1,000 in cash, right? Well at this party you get both a boat ride and both the chance to win serious money, baby!

Date: Sunday, October 29th

Place: World Fair Marina in Queens

Time: Boards at 5pm, sails from 6pm-9pm

Highlights: Fresh ocean air, tons of gorgeous women, cash prizes for best costume, and it’s on a glorious Fall Sunday!

Tell us all about your favorite Halloween parties babes! And Happy F*cking Halloween from your GO Mag family!

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