The Thanksgiving “Break” We All Need

Join us in celebrating what’s good in our lives and our country this holiday weekend.

“The worst thing that can happen in a democracy—as well as in an individual’s life—is to become cynical about the future and lose hope.” -Hillary Clinton

To say it’s been a difficult time for LGBTQ people recently is a gross understatement, and as we move into the holiday season with Thanksgiving tomorrow, many of us will be put into positions that might be undesirable, tense or some that feel innately hopeless. But it’s more important than ever that our community, and we as individuals, enter into this time with a renewed sense of both agency and urgency. We have to create the kind of safety that we desire and deserve, and if that’s removing yourself from a situation in which you feel unsafe, then that is what you must do. Self-care is necessary. 

Optimism might be hard to come by for some in this time of great apprehension and fear, but perhaps you can take a break, for one day, to give yourself some peace. No matter what Thanksgiving means to you, let the day be a time of exhaling in the name of preservation and rejuvenation. Meditate on gratitude and the things and people that bring you light; that bring you joy; that give you life.

You have permission to take a day off from the fighting and the anger and the rage and the sadness. You have permission to let yourself feel something other than what we’ve been plagued with and will continue to fight for come Friday or Monday or whenever you feel filled up again with the kind of ammo you can bring into the battle.

You have permission to take care of yourself. You need you. We need you.

Happy Thanksgiving from the GO family!

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