Happy International Lesbian Day 2021 From GO Magazine!

Today is all about you, lovely ladies who love ladies! 

Happy International Lesbian Day!

For those of you who might not know, International Lesbian Day (ILD) is, as you’ve probably guessed, a day to celebrate all of us women who love women. The commemoration originated in New Zealand but, as word spread, it has gained popularity across the globe. 

The origins for ILD are up for debate, but one theory is that it was first celebrated on International Women’s Day, when a group of 40 lesbians marched through Wellington Park in New Zealand. Since that time, ILD has been recognized on October 8th, exactly six months after International Women’s Day. 

So take today to celebrate your fabulous self, however you wish. Kick back with your favorite brew, wine, or cocktail, don your best flannel, blast your favorite lesbian playlist, or take advantage of the nice weather with a game of softball or ultimate frisbee. Whatever you wish — today is all about you, lovely ladies who love ladies! 


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