Sarah Hallonquist and Loretta Andro Chung

Sarah Hallonquist and Loretta Andro Chung by Connie Chavez

For Loretta Andro Chung (r), co-founding Dyke Beer gave them a chance “to meet and connect with fellow queers.” “There is such a nice energy that comes out of seeing people’s faces light up when they are drinking Dyke Beer.” Chung and cofounder Sarah Hallonquist launched Dyke Beer in 2020 in partnership with local breweries to create delicious farmhouse ale housed in artfully designed cans; their first Dyke Beer Saison launched in 2021. Sales of Dyke Beer are used to help fund future dyke/queer spaces, something Hallonquist and Chung both know something about. The duo is behind Dyke Bar Takeover, which promotes LGBTQ+ artists and the creation of lesbian/queer events, venues, and spaces. “It’s super nice to have people come up to me and thank me for creating spaces for them,” Chung tells GO. “I really want everybody to get together and meet in real life because I think it’s so important to have chosen family and a solid friend network.” For Hallonquist, who worked in corporate America for more than a decade, co-founding the Takeover gave her an opportunity to finally do something that she was passionate about. “It gave me such life,” she tells GO. And she brought that passion to Dyke Beer as well. “I love the reactions folks have when they see the art on the can and they can enjoy the beer inside, too,” she says. “I’m so grateful for the positive response from our community.” Hallonquist and Chung are also working with Greenspoint Ale to produce a new beer, Tall Girl Gose, which launched this Pride month. —RK

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