Sara Rips

Sara Rips by Chad Greene/ChadCRG Images

Sara Rips, Legal and Policy Counsel for the ACLU of Nebraska, is the state’s first and only attorney dedicated solely to LGBTQ+ rights. Her work has long reach, most notably in the Nebraska Supreme Court decision that favored a same-sex couple denied an adoption. For her work on the case, Rips was recognized as a Champion of Pride by The Advocate. Prior to her work at the ACLU, she practiced civil litigation at Legal Aid of Nebraska, where she litigated issues related to housing and domestic abuse. A graduate of the University of Nebraska College of Law and member of the Nebraska State Bar Association, Rips promotes the importance of resilience in the fight for civil rights. “The fight for civil rights is not won overnight,” she says. “It requires tenacity and patience and effort.” However, we still have a long way to go to achieve true equality. “There are still stark differences in rights and treatment for members of the LGBTQ community,” she tells GO. “We must stay vigilant and continue to work to make sure that all LGBTQ people are treated equally before the law. Our struggle for equality not only improves the quality of our lives, but the lives of LGBTQ+ people to come.” —NT

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