Christina & Samantha???

Christina Aguilera & Samantha Ronson rumored to be a couple???

On Saturday morning (October 16, 2010), some big time lezbo rumors broke: literally hundreds of gossip blogs from coast to coast were ablaze with the “scoop” that Christina Aguilera, dirty girl pop star and onetime (at least one time that we know of) Madonna make out pal, had rebounded from her just days ago announced split from husband Jordan Bratman with none other than celezbian DJ Samantha Ronson. Lest you think that this is some kind of gay media fantasy, be assured that outlets as mainstream as People, TMZ, CBS news and The Cleveland Leader as well as the various wire services are carrying and going with the Xtina-is-maybe-a-dyke (at least for Sam) story.

This “news” comes on the heels of long time speculation of Aguilera’s sexual orientation and speculation about Aguilera’s supposed “open marriage”.

Ronson and Aguilera just returned from a “girls-only” vacation in Cabo San Lucas where they were accompanied by occasional sapphist Nicole Richie (remember all those steamy French kisses between her and Paris on “The Good Life”?) for a few weeks of sun and sand and, well, female bonding. It now seems evident that quite a lot of female bonding happened on this south of the border holiday, taking Aguilera and Ronson’s friendship “to the next level” in the words of one inside source quoted by the gossip blogs. One insider, speaking of the hazy days following their all-girl holiday, had this to say to media outlet  X17: “The two [Aguilera and Ronson] have been inseparable… Christina really lets down her guard around Sam. They’re very comfortable with each other.”

Ronson, who is apparently the only lesbian in Hollywood (or at least perhaps the only lesbian in Hollywood who can put her, um, money where her mouth is), is of course most famous for her shall we say volatile on again and off again and on again and off again ad infinitum relationship with the Sapphic world’s troubled heroine and stalker poster child Lindsay Lohan. The same source who told X17 about the “inseparable” nature of Aguilera’s friendship with Ronson also commented, in way understated fashion, that Ronson’s relationship with Aguilera is quite different than her relationship with Lindsay in that “Christina doesn’t create the kind of drama that Lindsay did.”

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