Priscilla Colon (DJ Cilla Bk)

Priscilla Colon by Shelly Simon

DJ Cilla Bk got her start in the music scene as a studio manager and owner in 2013 while she was working for the New York Fire Department. After being involved in a life-changing 911 emergency, she retired from the department and began working full-time as a radio host for Dwild Music Radio. The change suited her, and DJ Cillia Bk was born. As her career grew, so did her LGBTQ+ following, which motivated her to work harder in her newfound vocation. “The most rewarding aspect of my work is bringing the LGTBQIA community together through music,” she tells GO. Noticing a lack of support for other LGBTQ+ artists, she opened Haus Of Madusa, a creative space for all artists to work freely and for all queer people to gather, make music, and be themselves. “The best response I’ve heard from an artist after a session at Haus of Madusa is, ‘Thank you, I’ve never felt so comfortable and it just feels like home,’” she says. “That response is worth every sleepless night and hard work that is put into this studio.” Haus of Madusa also serves as a reminder that you can do anything you put your mind to. “When you discover your true self, accept and love yourself, you can truly accomplish anything,” DJ Cilla Bk says. “Success is for you to define.” —IL

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