Precious Pussy of the Month

and His Magnificent Mommy

NAME: Paco-Peno Orion

MOMMY: Suzanne

AGE: 4.5 years

SEX: Sweet Orange Boy

ETHNICITY: Friskiluvcuddleluscis

BIRTHPLACE: A dark abandoned driveway in St. Louis

RESIDENCE: Astoria, NY (he’s the King of Queens)

OCCUPATION: HouseholdTraffic Coordinator, Philosophy Professor, Astronomy Articulator, Puppy-Cat & Lover Boy…he likes to stay busy.
FAVORITE TOY: Those crazy feathers that float around and swat the bed real hard.

FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Talking to birds and nuzzling up on my mom’s chest, kissing her nose over and over until I fall asl—purrr…. zzzzzzzzzz…..

FAVORITE FOOD: My special no-crystal making cat food and on occasion, a nibble of chicken breast. I’m currently boycotting tuna.
PET PEEVE: When people don’t get out of bed when I’m talking to them.

LEAST FAVORITE PHRASE: “Oh, I’m allergic” AND “Oh, I’m a dog person” – whhhaaatt??!

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