Precious Pussies Of The Month (and their magnificent mommy)

Meet PD & Bug. Do you have a precious pet? E-mail photo and contact info to:

Name: PD & Bug

Age: 3 & 12

Sex: Female

Ethnicity: one-of-a-kind mixed breeds

Birthplace: Bug was found on the Upper East Side and has three legs, PD was adopted from the Cat Clinic

Residence: Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn

Occupation: Professional sleeping, leaving lots of hair around for us
to clean

Favorite Toys: Small bouncy ball, catnip mouse, and anything they can steal out of our bags

Favorite Leisure Activity:
Watching birds, chasing the occasional fly or each other

Favorite Food: Fish-flavored Greenies

Pet Peeve: “You mean this morning’s food isn’t from a new can?”

Least Favorite Phrase:
“We’re not getting up yet!”

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