Precious Pooch of the Month

And His Magnificent Mommy

Name: Stud Lee

Mommy: Erica

Age: 6

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Fagé Toy Poodle

Birthplace: Queens, NY

Residence: Brooklyn—wish-I-was-in-Chelsea-with-the-muscle-boys—NY

Occupation: Model, opera singer, sailor, and carrot thief extraordinaire

Favorite Toys: Stuffed poodle (total narcissist)

Favorite Leisure Activity: Boating in upstate NY, Fire Island excursions

Favorite Food: Carrots, cucumbers, beef. “What can I say, I’m a gay dog.”

Pet Peeve: When pappa Erica goes away

Least Favorite Phrase: “Your haircut is awful, you look like a poodle!”

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