Precious Pooch of the Month (and his magnificent mommy)

Meet Nino and Nicole

Name: Nino “Bootzarelli” Renzler

Mommy: Nicole

Age: 3 doggie years

Sex: Boy

Ethnicity: Yorkie

Birthplace: Some terrible puppy mill in Connecticut

Residence: New York, New York

Occupation: International male model and full time nostril licker

Favorite Toys: A mini orange basketball and any pair of mommy’s socks

Favorite Leisure Activity: Lying on his back and snoring like a 300-pound man

Favorite Food: Murray’s organic chicken with fresh grated organic cheese on top

Pet Peeve: My boy kitty Pierre! It’s a jealousy issue

Least Favorite Phrase: “Bootzarelli, mommy will be back in a few, I promise”

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