Pet Fashion Week Paws at New York City

The Pet Fashion week kicked off in Chelsea on August 18th

Furry four-leggers large and small—but mostly very small—were among those who participated in Pet Fashion Week at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea on August 18 and 19. Although meticulously styled canines stole the spotlight, the two-day event catered to human professionals in the growing pet lifestyle industry.

In its second year, Pet Fashion Week offered symposia, animal runway appearances and a tradeshow featuring 100 exhibitors offering upscale products such as sumptuous bedding, cutting-edge water bowls, exotic treats, designer collars and harnesses, lavish beauty products, and complete miniature ensembles. Despite the fascinating array of trend-setting consumer items, the highlight of the weekend was the creative styling showcase and live art exhibition featuring the work of world-renowned pet stylist, Sathit Suratphiphit, from Thailand.

Dogs may have dominated Pet Fashion Week, but cats, too, provide the foundation of what Business Week recently declared to be a $41 billion pet economy. Whether a pooch or pussy most suits the occasion, savvy professionals no doubt recognize that LGBT consumers make a substantial, albeit incalculable, contribution to the animal industry.

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