OUTMusic Hosts “Fiercely Fashionable” Awards Night

An evening recognizing gay and lesbian musical excellence

The annual OUTMusic awards took place on Tuesday December 8 at Manhattan’s Webster Hall Grand Ballroom. The evening recognized gay and lesbian musical excellence and featured performances from some of the hottest names in LGBT music, including an opening number by Christine Martucci, whose song “There You Are” was chosen as the OMA 2009 theme song. Other performers included Jason Walker, Toshi Reagon, R&B crooner Nhojj, Rachael Sage, Jasper James, Levi Kreis, Deepa Soul and Kevin Aviance; a gay hip-hop evolution segment featured Tori Fixx, J.R., Soce The Elemental Wizard, Mack Mistress and Da Fresh Geex.

Honorees included Kevin Aviance, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Toshi Reagon, who won the Heritage Award. The late Willie Ninja was named OUTMusic Icon for his international, inspirational, innovative and trendsetting contributions to the arts of voguing, fashion and performance. Additionally, this year, in a new twist, OUTMusic partnered with LOGO/MTV to create three special award categories for artists who have befriended the LGBT community and artists who are regarded by the LGBT community as tastemakers: “Next Gay Icon,” “Fiercely Fashionable,” and “Keep Bringin Sexy Back.” The Awards Pre-Show was hosted by Julie Goldman of LOGO’s Big Gay Sketch Show and DeMarco Majors of LOGO’s “Shirts and Skins.”

As an organization, OUTMusic advocates on behalf of underrepresented openly LGBT recording artists and entertainers. The OUTMusic Awards celebrate openly LGBT recording artists for their achievements and courage in being out and proud through their music in the face of industry homophobia.

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