Out Artist on the Rise: In Deepest Sleep

The NYC-based out lesbian trio combine acoustic music and punk rock riffs.

NYC-based trio In Deepest Sleep have more in common than just being out lesbian musicians. Their love of music creates their alternative/experimental sound, combining acoustic with punk-charged and metal-inspired riffs and bridges. Besides their collective prior history in metal bands, what connects these 20-something artists is their self-proclaimed “atypical queer girl music.”

IDS is the five-year project of guitarist and vocalist Angelica Rodriguez. In 2007, Pashell Mobley joined as percussionist and following her was bassist Elysa Fein. The birth of the trio brought a sound that defies labels. Many of their new songs stem from the efforts to join the queer musical movement in hopes of creating a safe space for lesbian musicians. “I think there’s a niche there for that that’s very up and coming; it’s getting much more popular and we’re really looking to become part of that scene,” says Rodriguez.

While IDS’s work may be hard to pin down to one genre, their sound is influenced by the likes of PJ Harvey and Tool, with lyrics based on personal experiences and social justice issues. Their ability to appeal to a broad audience comes from these influences, as well as their desire to transcend stereotypes. “I think it’s very important to have positive queer role models, musicians, females playing real music,” says Fein.

While In Deepest Sleep is continuing to work on demos, you can see them perform at Femin(f)est in NYC this September.

Get the latest on IDS at myspace.com/indeepestsleep.

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