NY Nightlife: The Scene (September 8-October 2)

RF Lounge, Starlette and more!

RF Lounge: The Grand Opening Is Set For Saturday Night, September 26!

You’ve read about it on these very pages for months. You’ve nervously checked our website every day hoping for some new info. You’ve made a scrapbook out of your back issue from December 2008, in which we interviewed its proprietor. And now, we are thrilled to say: “Girl, chillax!” The time has come. On Saturday, September 26th, dress in your best and get ready for the Sapphic soirée of a lifetime: the opening of RF Lounge.

RF Lounge—Real Friends, that is—will be one of the first seven-night-a-week lesbian venues to open in the city in ages. “RF Lounge will be a home base,” says financial impresario and proprietor Annetta Budhu, “A sexy, all-purpose lesbian venue where women can enjoy specialty cocktails, yummy small plates and meet, mingle and chill.”

“I designed the space to be an upscale lesbian lounge—with a lesbian staff,” says Budhu, “Part of my goal is to create as many jobs as possible for gay women. That’s my commitment and that’s what I want to give back to the community.”

RF Lounge will be an afternoon and night operation. Come in early to the zen-like downstairs lounge The Cellar for small plates, wine and cheese. And once snackers have filled up on every last tasty morsel, RF Lounge will morph into a nighttime spot. A full schedule of promoted and special events will be released following the grand opening. Some of New York City’s hottest promoters have already signed on produce events in the space, including Maggie C. of Eden and Stiletto, Danielle of Anything Goes, and many others.

But first, RF Lounge has to open, and it plans to do so with a bang. Before the public grand opening on the 26th, there will be an invite-only grand VIP black tie reception. Then at 9pm, everyone is welcome to check out this much-anticipated new space. Attendees are encouraged to dress to impress for the debut of this Hudson Street establishment. Complimentary champagne, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served from 9 to 10pm, followed by music, fun, beauty, and finally, a lesbian lounge to call our own.


Sunday night means a lot of things to a lot of people: to Hamptons-hoppers it means rush hour; to students it means panic; to lesbians it means Starlette. And September 27th is a particularly special Sunday, because that is the night that Starlette celebrates its 10th anniversary. Host Wanda Acosta has seen this beloved party through the closing of the (sadly still shuttered) Starlight Lounge and a move to the nearby Angels & Kings. Through it all, Starlette has remained a consistent, thriving event for an eclectic crowd of women, whether regulars, out-of-towners or newbies to the scene. Even Bette Porter stopped by on a visit to New York on The L Word. (And you know how particular Bette can be.) Tonight, raise a glass to Starlette with your free drink from the open bar 9 to 10pm.


The school year is starting up again, and that means a whole new crop of teachers to impress. You know the drill: study hard, do well on your quiz, get a gold star. The same pretty much goes at monthly party Gold Star. There’s a whole new crop of gorgeous girls to impress, so play hard, tear it up on the dance floor, and if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll earn a reward. There’s no telling what reward that might be, but it could have something to do with  incredible eye candy and awesome beats by rotating DJs from all over the country. The next chance to give it your all is Thursday, September 24th at sweet LES venue Fat Baby, so you better get studying. A shiny sticker, the party of the night and maybe even the girl of your dreams hang in the balance.


In honor of the amazing promoter/entrepreneur/humanitarian MegaBoy Kate’s upcoming birthday extravaganza at LoverGirlNYC on September 12th, we thought we’d just remind you of her awesomeness—not that you really need the reminder. Kate’s been producing LoverGirl, NYC’s sexiest weekly Saturday night dance party,  for 10 years. That’s one, among many, reasons why we made her a “Woman We Love,” Class of 2008. On the 12th, join resident DJ Mary Mac, guest DJs, a squadron of sexy go-go goddesses, VIP special guests and a surprise performer at Club Cache for a birthday blowout you’ll never forget. The party coincides with Cache’s grand re-opening following an über-fabulous makeover. Happy birthday, MegaBoy Kate! Generous to a fault, Kate invites all her fellow Virgos to party the night away with a reduced admission.

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