This Is Not A Drill: “The L Word” Reboot Is Happening

Not fake news. “The L Word” reboot has officially been announced.

It’s official, babes. The news you’ve been waiting for. “The L Word” reboot has officially been announced. It has long been debated (since 2009, that’s a long time in lesbian years) whether or not we would tune in for a sequel season of the show. This will be the true test and from the buzz around this reboot, it seems like y’all are ready to host a viewing party.

This news comes from The Hollywood Reporter stating that Showtime is in the development stages of the reboot. Based on the original series, “The L Word” sequel series would feature several of the main characters we know and love including stars Jennifer Beals (Bette), Kate Moennig (Shane) and Leisha Hailey (Alice). And BONUS: Along with revered series creator Ilene Chaiken, Jennifer, Kate and Leisha will be serving as executive producers! If the project is approved the storyline would focus around the love lives, drama and daily struggles of a brand new cast of women. “The trio would appear on the reboot with their respective characters helping to connect to what is said to be a new ensemble of women, with viewers following their lives, loves and tribulations,” THR reports.

“The L Word” remains a key piece of media for our community as the first ever lesbian centered drama to air on mainstream TV in America. During the six amazing seasons of the show, writers crafted nuanced storylines for LGBTQ characters that tackled topics of race, marriage equality, HIV/AIDS and bi-phobia. This show, along with it’s boy centric predecessor “Queer As Folk” opened the door for continued representation of LGBTQ characters on the small screen including shows like “Will and Grace,” “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” “Looking” and “The New Normal.” While there’s a plethora of lesbian, bi and trans women characters on TV today—it has been so long since we’ve seen a woman mount another woman in quite the way we witnessed on “The L Word.” Oh, how we crave the days of Shane’s sexual rampages and Alice’s misadventures!

The lesbian fan favorite show was so chock full of drama and it seems like they’re only going to up the ante with the possibility of a few dead characters also making an appearance in the reboot (ahem – Jenny and Dana).

We are so ready for a new season, new girls and even more drama. There are so many questions that can only be answered when the sequel comes.

So, until the reboot… live in the glory of the old days.

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